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Waze vs Google Maps: which navigation app is better?

If you need to get your bearings on a new location, or you need to use a navigation app in order to obtain accurate and reliable data, Google Maps and Waze are in high demand among mobile apps with such features. 

Before using these mobile navigation apps, let's take a closer look at their advantages and disadvantages. Then you'll be able to choose the app which can meet your demands best.

A detailed review of Waze – a social GPS navigation app

Waze app is a good example of a combination of a GPS navigation app and a social network allowing to find out about travel conditions directly from road users in real time.

Waze GPS Navigation app: how to use offline maps

Waze Navigation app is a free app that has support of its users and which allows to assess the data on roads in real time. Every person using Waze can make various marks on a map, for example, a section of a road which is closed for a repair or a point with heavy traffic due to an accident.