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No sound on iPhone: top ways to fix Waze volume settings

Author: Vladimir Brown
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Many Reddit users are experiencing sound problems with Waze. To fix this issue, I've written this guide for iPhone owners. I've compiled the most common reasons why the app loses sound, the sound level is not sufficient, or the Waze assistant doesn't work on iPhone 12, 13, or 14, and so on.

Video instructions

In this video tutorial I show several ways to fix the sound in Waze on the iPhone. All methods are available in step-by-step form.

Waze volume too low - how do I turn up the volume?

One of the most popular problems related to audio output in the navigation app is that the audio level on your phone is too weak. Consequently, Waze stops notifying you of events or the assistant's voice is very quiet. Changing the volume settings through the mixer does not help to solve the problem.

If you use Apple Carplay to output audio, these instructions will help you fix any technical errors related to volume.

Quiet volume may be due to incorrect iOS or Waze settings. This can be fixed in the following way:

Method 1

Step 1. Open Waze app.

Step 2. Go to My Waze - Settings (the menu button is at the bottom of the Waze screen).

Step 3. Tap on Voice & Sound menu item from the list.

Step 4. Locate the Sounds, then Guidance volume section.

Step 5. Move the volume level slider to the right.

Method 2

Where is the volume button located in the Waze app:

  1. Open the Waze app on your device.
  1. Look at the botton left corner near My Waze icon.

  2. To turn the sound on or off, tap on the blue button with the speaker icon.

  1. Restart Waze if needed.

Waze stops talking on iPhone: quick fix

This could happen if you accidentally mute the sound through the Waze app settings or through the iOS sound settings themselves. As a result, Waze will not sound the events on the road and will stop giving directions until you correct the sound settings via the app.

To fix this, do the following:

  1. Go to the My WazeSettings.
  1. Tap Voice & Sound.
  1. Locate the Sounds section.

  2. Select On option. Go back to the app navigation screen.

  1. Make sure the GPS and Internet are available on your iPhone.

  2. Create a route taping on Where to? search field.

  1. Check if Waze voice navigation works as expected.

Waze not talking: the main reasons

These steps allow you to restart voice navigation and fix the “Waze not talking” error.

From time to time the voice navigation in Waze stops working, although the connection to the GPS satellites is established. On the all versions of iOS the symptoms are identical:

  • The navigation app does not voice how many miles are left to the next turn,
  • No notifications on route changes on Waze,
  • No sound information about the situation on the road.

How to get Waze to talk on iPhone. If this error occurs with Waze, try the following method of correction:

  1. Prevent the navigation using the Stop button.
  1. Restart the Waze app.
  1. Create a new route with the final destination using the ‘Where to?’ field.

Method 1. Check the iOS sound settings

On an iPhone, the user has the ability to adjust the volume for different apps individually. If your device plays a sound while watching a movie, but the sound doesn't work while navigating, just set the sound separately for the Waze app:

The first way:

  1. Hold down the sound adjustment key: you can see the different volume sliders if you,
  2. To the right of the general volume slider use the "down" arrow.

The second way to adjust the sound on iOS:

  1. Go to "Settings".
iOS Settings icon
  1. Under "Sounds and vibration", select "Volume".
Sounds and vibration option

Four sliders will be displayed:

  • Ringtone - the volume at which your device receives a call;
  • Media - games, music, and video files;
  • Notifications - text messages, app notifications;
  • System - keyboard volume, key press volume.
Adjusting volume settings on iOS

3. If you notice that one of the sliders is off, this may be the problem. Try turning on the sound for notifications. If the problem persists, go to the next step.

Method 2. Driving, Do Not Disturb or Battery Saving Mode

These audio modes work differently on different phones, but in most cases "do not disturb" and "driving" mute the sound of incoming calls and notifications while the navigator is working.

The problem is that power saving mode turns off all the sounds on the phone, except for incoming calls.

Power saving off switcher

In "medium power saving" mode the user can still listen to music, but in "maximum power saving" mode the phone turns off almost all functions, except for calls, to keep the battery charged.

Power saving mode enabling

Therefore, if the Waze navigator is running silent, the user should ensure that all of these modes are off before proceeding to check the following items.

Method 3. Headphone or headset connected to phone

Sound issues are especially relevant to devices with an interactive case, or devices to which headphones are connected to a Bluetooth or charging jack rather than a micro jack.

If there is no sound in the Waze app, try:

  1. Disconnect all devices (including those connected via wifi and bluetooth),
  2. Remove the case and check again.
  3. If the sound plays - the problem is probably initiated by one of the connected devices.

Method 4. Incorrect sound settings in Waze

The absence of voice prompts can be explained simply: the sound is disabled via the Waze app settings. In addition, the notifications will also not work on the iPhone.

You can fix it via Waze main settings:

  1. Launch Waze on iOS.
  2. Tap speaker icon.
  3. Adjust the sound
Waze speaker icon
  1. (or) Select the sound mode that suits you:
  • Silent mode - the sound is muted in Waze
  • Important - The most important events are announced.
  • Select "Sound On" to make sound available for all notifications.
Selecting Sound On option
  1. Return back to the navigation screen.

Method 5. Change the volume in Waze

The Waze app has separate volume adjustments. To change the sound settings, follow the steps below:

  1. Tap My Waze button
  2. Select Settings
  3. Tap Voice and Sound
Voice and Sound section on iOS
  1. Move the slider to increase or decrease the volume
Increasing or decreasing the volume
  1. Return to the main screen and check the changes

Method 6. iOS doesn't work properly

If the above methods do not help to fix the sound in the Waze, reset the settings. This is a drastic, but effective measure to solve software errors oniOS.

Before resetting the settings, save all the necessary files to the cloud or SD card, and then follow the instructions:

  1. Go to Settings;
  2. Select the "General settings" section. Some devices don't have one, so go to the next step;
  3. Tap the "Reset" or "Archive" button.
Reset section on iOS
  1. Select the data demand option you want.
Reset all settings option
  1. After this the device will reboot, all the data will be deleted and the settings will be reset.

If the lack of sound in Waze is due to the OS not working properly, the sound will be restored.

Method 7. Turning on voice directions

If the voice assistant is not working (Waze not speaking directions), the voice directions feature will not be available. To turn on the feature, you need to check the appropriate settings. This can be done as follows:

  1. Run Waze app.
  1. Tap on My Waze icon, in the appeared menu select Settings.
  1. Navigate to the Voice & Sound settings.
  1. Pay attention to the Sounds option, it has to be enabled.

  2. Increase the volume on your mobile device by pressing the Volume up button if needed.

Also make sure that the Waze app has the necessary permissions in iOS. To do this:

  1. Open Settings > Waze through the home screen.

  2. Go to App permissions by using a search bar.

  3. Allow the Waze app access to the microphone.

  1. Restart Waze if it has been launched.

  2. Restart your iPhone to finish the process.


Why does Waze not sync with CarPlay?

There are 2 ways to fix it:

  1. Force open and close Waze on iOS, then restart CarPlay to check navigator status.
  2. Go to the CarPlay home screen, then tap the voice command button. Then launch the Waze app.

Where on the iPhone are the voice navigation settings

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Then select Maps > Navigation & Guidance

Using these settings, you can control the voice navigation settings on your iOS device. If necessary, you can pause or start voice navigation by moving the slider to the left or right, respectively.

The volume settings in iOS are located under Settings > Sounds. The volume is adjusted in the same way.

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