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How to clear your Google Maps search history

How to remove an item from your Google Maps history on Android and iOS. How to pause the recording of your location history. How to clear Google Maps search history on a PC. Erasing cache via CCleaner.

Best apps with the map of Moscow metro for Android devices

Mobile apps is a great helping hand if navigating isn't your forte. In fact, it's quite easy to get lost in big cities and it'll be pretty difficult to go without a navigation app or map. 

The map of Moscow subway can seem very confusing at the beginning. You'll have to spend time trying to figure out which line is the one you have to transfer at and which variant is the most favorable for you. 

In our today's review we've gathered the best apps to find out how to get somewhere in Moscow by subway fast and conveniently. 

Choosing the best GPS navigation app for truck drivers

Likely for drivers paper maps have become a thing of the past. They were replaced by a convenient modern navigation tool for cars – a simple program which requires only one thing – a phone running under Android or iOS. 

Truck and car drivers can choose any navigation app from their app stores. Each of them has its own advantages and functional features. Before downloading an app, we recommend you to read a little more about it.

We've collected the best apps and created a top-list of the best 2019 navigation apps:

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Best services for finding your location via geographic coordinates

Our guide will help you to:

  1. Get the exact coordinates of any place on a map, or vice versa, 
  2. Find any point or place by its known latitude and longitude

With the help of GPS system you can have a sense of direction anywhere and under any conditions. There are many services and apps allowing to find places by their geographic coordinates and vice versa. The best ones are:

Best apps for getting GPS coordinates on Android and iOS devices

Navigation utilities with maps of different cities are among the most popular and in high-demand apps in app stores. 

Mostly, all map apps operate in more or less the same principle and they have one purpose: to give users a sense of direction in unfamiliar territory and help them map the most optimal route. The majority of them have additional functionality (which you quite often have to pay for) with the facilitation of which it becomes much easier to use these apps. 

Google Maps are running slow: how to speed up the app

Navigation apps have become an inherent part of modern people’s lives. They allow to quickly find the needed location, map a route, explore a new city, etc. There are often other apps with navigation, different handbooks, games with augmented reality which you can find on Google Maps service.

How to change Google Maps assistant's voice

Google Maps is an extremely popular and widely used tool with a wide range of functionality. One of its most useful features is the voice navigation which serves its users as an excellent companion and assistant during any trip.

Free compasses for Android: review on the best apps

Designed to work on modern smartphones and tablets compass apps have gained great popularity among travelers, athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. Land navigation doesn't require an additional device anymore since you already have everything you need on your smartphone which you're certain to always have with you.