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How to change Google Maps assistant's voice

Google Maps is an extremely popular and widely used tool with a wide range of functionality. One of its most useful features is the voice navigation which serves its users as an excellent companion and assistant during any trip.

The change of voice and accent is provided in the options of Google Map voice navigation. If you're about to go on a long journey or you're sick and tired of the standard variant, give a try to another voice provided by Google Maps app. 

The change of assistant's voice:

Free compasses for Android: review on the best apps

Designed to work on modern smartphones and tablets compass apps have gained great popularity among travelers, athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. Land navigation doesn't require an additional device anymore since you already have everything you need on your smartphone which you're certain to always have with you. 

Further you'll find compasses which have received high marks in Google Play store:

A detailed review of Waze – a social GPS navigation app

Waze app is a good example of a combination of a GPS navigation app and a social network allowing to find out about travel conditions directly from road users in real time.

This gaining popularity app was created by a joint team of developers from Israel and the United States (California), its pilot launch took place in 2006 and in 2013 "Waze Ltd." company was taken over by the giant of the modern internet world – Google. 


The best pedometer apps for Android

Modern people walk on foot far less than our ancestors. Due to the changed way of life: sedentary work, use of a private car or public transport, etc. In order to be in good shape a person needs to make at least 10 thousand steps per day. 

It isn't difficult to count steps via a gadget and this is exactly what a pedometer is designed for. It can be useful for people who lead an active lifestyle, take care of their health and keep their figures.

A step counter app allows to:

How to use Google Maps in offline mode

It's difficult to navigate with no maps or navigation app in an unfamiliar place and this is the case when Google Maps app steps in. But at the same time the internet connection can be too slow and not enough to download a full map and build a route.

Luckily offline mode comes to the rescue allowing you to download in advance a map of a selected area together with all its roads and key points onto your device. After doing it you can work with Google Maps offline and you only need GPS connection to satellites.

Best GPS speedometers for Android, their distinctive features

GPS speedometer is a convenient program, mainly designed for Android and iOS, which allows to record the speed of movement while walking, running, driving, cycling, boating and etc. In order to start using such kind of program, you have to install on your smartphone a corresponding utility, launch it and enable GPS connection with satellites.

GPS speedometers perform the following functions:

Best hiking gps apps for Android and iOS

Modern mobile phones are cross functional and multipurpose and these are their main benefits. There are a lot of apps useful for sport amateurs and in particular hiking and trekking enthusiasts. Today we're going to take a close look at a few products you're likely to duly appreciate while hiking or trekking.

Recommended apps:

Choosing the best navigation app for Android. Free GPS navigation apps

GPS navigation is among the most desirable features of a smartphone. While exploring a city, riding a car or bicycle, traveling and so on it's better to follow the most optimal route. Navigation apps can help you with optimizing auto and walking routes and getting to the desired location as fast as possible.