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Is satellite mode available in Waze and how do I turn it on?

Author: Vladimir Brown

We have answered your questions about Waze many times before. Some features are not available here or are not obviously implemented. In particular, this applies to offline functions and map display.

Waze users ask how to enable satellite map mode. If you search for the answer on specialized communities, it would be: No, you cannot enable the satellite maps display mode.

Indeed, neither iOS, nor the Android version of the Waze app does not have an option that allows you to switch the map display into satellite mode. Moreover, the developers of this product say that there will be no such function in the near future, despite regular requests from Wazers to add support for satellite imagery.

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Enabling the satellite layer through other apps

You can activate the satellite layer in another way: by using an alternative GPS navigation app.

Take a look at Google Maps or Apple Maps. Accordingly, both apps are present as part of Android and iOS. You do not need to install them separately.

And now we will show you how to enable the satellite layer.

Switch to Satellite Mode on Google Maps (Android / iOS):

Step 1. Open the Google Maps app

Step 2. Turn on WiFi or mobile data.

Step 3. Tap the layer toggle icon.

Step 4. In the Map type section, select the Satellite option

Step 5. Return to the map by tapping anywhere on the screen.

Step 6. Google Maps will then display the satellite map.

Apple Maps (iOS):

Step 1. Open the Maps app.

Step 2. Tap the 'I' (information icon) button in the upper right corner.

Step 3. In Map Settings, select the Satellite option.

Step 4. Return to the map by tapping on an empty space on the screen.


Even though Waze does not have Satellite Mode yet, you can always use a temporary solutions - Google Maps or Apple Maps. Both apps offer a satellite layer.

It is hoped that this temporary solution will not inconvenience Waze users and that the feature will eventually be available in the same way as the other options.

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