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5 reasons not to use Waze. Top drawbacks of the app

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Traffic information is not always available

The community is involved in the development of the Waze app. Therefore, the quality and accuracy of Waze depends on how many users are around you. So if you are in a sparsely populated area, it is likely that Waze navigation will perform poorly due to the small amount of traffic information.

However, other navigation apps may also give very little information about an active route if you are off-road or away from civilization.

The app distracts the driver from navigating

If you rarely use mobile navigation, Waze can be distracting at first with its unusual interface. It differs from Google Maps in that there is no ability to download offline maps (it uses automatic mode), sections of Waze have different names, and so on.

So we suggest you become familiar with the Waze interface before you start your journey - later on you will not be distracted to understand the purpose of this or that function.

Using Waze with Android Auto and CarPlay

While Waze's audience is growing along with the quality of the product, some drivers have complained about the app not working properly with Android Auto.

The most common complaint is that Waze is inconvenient to use with Android Auto, unlike Google Maps:

  • The buttons on the Waze home screen are missing
  • The speedometer is not visible on the screen
  • Waze also does not sync with your Google account

These integration flaws with Android Auto and CarPlay may be fixed in newer versions of Waze.

Waze offers wrong direction

If ETA route information is insufficient, the Waze app may be misleading.

In order to improve the accuracy of the ETA information, you should choose a more popular route or return to a road where the number of wazers nearby is high enough.

Waze actively drains the battery of your mobile device

If your cell phone is not connected to a charger, Waze will quickly drain the battery. This is due to the phone screen being on and the GPS and mobile internet connection being active. As a result, the mobile device runs out of power much faster than usual.

However, this is not some kind of Waze feature, almost any navigator has a negative effect on battery life.

Here are the best ways to fix this problem.

If Waze has no flaws, why do people still use it?

The main reasons to use Waze are:

  1. Unlike Google Maps, Waze has an active community of users who regularly contribute to its development.
  2. Despite certain shortcomings, the interface and features of Waze are improving over time.
  3. Waze works in real time and provides fairly accurate information on most routes.

What kind of navigator should I use instead of Waze?

In fact, for all its shortcomings, Waze remains the best app among navigators. If you want to explore alternatives, install or OsmAnd. And of course test drive Google Maps, the most popular navigation app.

Here link is a section comparing different Android and iOS apps.

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