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Download Waze app for Android

Author: Vladimir Brown

Waze is a free navigator for mobile devices with a wide audience around the world. Thanks to the functions of the navigator, drivers and pedestrians share information about the traffic in real time.

Waze essential features

  • Search for and add real-time traffic information.
  • Providing notification of accidents, hazards, and road repairs.
  • Search for gas stations and compare gasoline prices.
  • Editing maps together, adding addresses and notes to the map using Waze Map Editor.
  • Voice navigation, using the smart assistant to navigate routes. You can change the voice and language of the voice assistant. You can also integrate Waze with Google Assistant.
  • Support offline maps: you can download an area of the map for navigation without using the mobile Internet.
  • Getting information about local organizations and businesses.
  • Integration with Android Auto and other devices and services.

Note. Using GPS in the background will drain battery power. Waze will automatically shut down if you run the app in the background and do not use it for a while.

You can download Waze navigator via the link below.

Download Waze

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