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Download GPS Coordinates app for Android


GPS Coordinates app allows you to find a place by coordinates and vice versa, calculate the coordinates of the selected location. The result is easy to share via social networks or save in a text format.

The GPS Coordinates app features

Converter. After entering the coordinates (latitude and longitude) in the text fields you'll get the result as a point on the map and an address. You need an activated GPS module and Internet connection.

Saving and searching GPS Coordinates. You can save the results as an address through the application as a test record with a name. Later, you can open the coordinates in the app and get the address.  

Switching the map view. Users have different display modes: Normal, Satellite, Terrain, Hybrid (similar to Google Maps). You can choose the most convenient way to work with coordinates through the settings of the GPS Coordinates app.

Publication of the current location. This function will be useful if you are hiking or traveling with friends and you need to share the coordinates. You can do this online by sending the coordinates as an address or in lat/long format.

Download GPS Coordinates

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