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Best GPS coordinates apps for Android and iPhone


Navigation utilities with maps of different cities are among the most popular and in high-demand apps in app stores.

Mostly, all map apps operate in more or less the same principle and they have one purpose: to give users a sense of direction in unfamiliar territory and help them map the most optimal route. The majority of them have additional functionality (which you quite often have to pay for) with the facilitation of which it becomes much easier to use these apps.

Today we're going to talk about five apps for getting GPS coordinates on iPhone and Android. We'll tell you how they operate and what are their benefits and paid features.


  1. GPS Coordinates app
  2. Glonass coordinates
  3. My Location - GPS Coordinates
  4. GPS & Maps: Track Coordinates
  5. Coordinates GPS Formatter

GPS Coordinates app

The first app we want you to get acquainted with is GPS Coordinates. It's one of the most simple navigation apps which has some interesting features.

GPS Coordinates app for Android

Its developers made it possible for those who have installed their utility to download, share and save coordinates in order to use them in the future. There is also a standard feature of finding the gps coordinates of a user by specifying an address and changing the way the app map is shown. It's possible to display a conventional map scheme and a satellite view.

The basic app features:

  • converting any address to GPS coordinates and vice versa (latitude and longitude);
  • quickly sending map coordinates via social networks or email;
  • local storing and download of GPS coordinates on your mobile device.

In general, GPS coordinates is an app without any extraordinary features. It will be useful for those who need the simplest maps to avoid getting lost in an unfamiliar city.

Download GPS Coordinates

Glonass coordinates

An utility with maps running on a well-known navigation system called GLONASS. It has a number of useful features which we're going to discuss later.

Latitude and Longitude app

First, what distinguishes it from other GPS navigation apps is the capability to take a photo and link it to coordinates on the app map. We think it is a very user-friendly and convenient way to mark important map coordinates. You can compare this feature to the one of Instagram via which you can post a photo with a specific location.

Another unconditional plus is the capability to download offline maps and get map coordinates without Internet connection. Together with the previous app GPS/Glonass coordinates is one of the most accurate and often chosen apps by hikers or long distance travellers who explore remote areas.

However, it also has some drawbacks. Play Market users mention quite intrusive Internet ads popping up when the app is running. These ads take a long time to load when Internet connection is poor which prevents from checking a location before you finish viewing the ads. You can get rid of ads by purchasing the full version of the software.

Download the app

My Location - GPS Coordinates

Another simple and occurate navigation app. Unlike GPS Coordinates, its functionality is a bit wider:

  • Getting the coordinates of a specified point on a map as Latitude/Longitude;
  • Copying, publishing, printing and saving coordinates in social networks;
  • Converting your gps position / coordinates to addresses and vice versa.

There are three sections on the main screen of the app: "My coordinates", "Saved locations" and "Settings". The first tab is responsible for finding via a satellite and showing on the screen your current location. The coordinates that you're planning to use in the future can be saved and you can access the list with them via the second tab. The settings allow you to specify a country, city, address or zip code.

My Location app is distributed for free, but it displays ads on the screen.

Download My Location - GPS Coordinates

GPS & Maps: Track Coordinates

The thing that differs this navigation app from others the most is its compass. It's not an extraordinary feature, especially given that iPhones, for example, have a built-in compass app. However, using a gps navigation app with a compass is undoubtedly more convenient. Apart from that, the functionality of the GPS & Maps app is quite basic.

The interface is pretty user-friendly. By switching between the menu items at the bottom of the screen, users can:

  • get their location (via latitude / longitude),
  • check the compass,
  • open area map,
  • buy additional features via Appstore.

For an additional fee, you can mark your location and the compass will be displayed on top of the map as a widget. Other widgets can also be purchased: indicators of speed, map coordinates and more.

In our humble opinion, although the software is quite convenient, it's less worthy of your attention compared to other apps for navigation, including the ones we've mentioned above, because they have almost the same features which don't require additional payments.

Moreover, users complain that in some areas satellite photos are extremely outdated. Therefore, we recommend you to think twice before choosing this app for iPhone.

Download GPS & Maps for iOS

Coordinates GPS Formatter

GPS Formatter is a free app with basic functionality of a simple navigation app like all the previous ones.  You can get rid of ads after purchasing a subscription ($3 per month).

A distinctive feature of this app  is its capability to choose from a huge number of coordinate formats such as Georef or military coordinate grid system.

Moreover, the app can convert incoming data into coordinates and mark them on the map or output existing data via Airdrop in the .txt format for further work via a PC.

Another bonus for Apple owners is Apple Watch support with the display of the current coordinates of a user on the screen.

The built in calculator helps to deal with the geomagnetic field values: such as tension and others.

The only downside is its hard to manage interface.

We believe that this tool is one of the best GPS navigation apps for iPhone due to its really wide and interesting set of features, free distribution and low price for getting rid of advertising.

Download GPS Formatter for iOS