What is the service for?

MyGPSTools Finder service is designed to determine your location on the map via longitude and latitude. Unlike similar services for determining GPS position, MyGPSTools is easy to use and free.

Among other things, the service displays the country, city, street and house number near which the user is located.

The service OpenStreetMaps is used to display maps. You can switch to display the maps via Google Maps layer.

System requirements

For the service to work, you must allow your browser to determine the geolocation of the Internet. Once you agree to provide a location, the MyGPSTools Finder service will continue to work.

Make sure the device you are accessing the website from has GPS and Wi-Fi working.

What devices does location finder work on?

MyGPSTools Finder works on Android, iOS, iPad, Mac OS, Windows - virtually any device with a modern browser. For example, Chrome, Opera, Safari.

Is the service safe to use?

Yes, absolutely. We do not store user data on our server. The information about your location is available to you only. When you close MyGPSTools Finder, all of your current location data is deleted.

How accurately does MGT Finder determine your GPS location?

It depends on what data the user provides to the service. If you have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth working along with GPS, the accuracy of location data increases.

See the article, how to improve GPS accuracy on mobile devices. On a desktop (Windows, Mac OS), geo-positioning accuracy may degrade due to the lack of a GPS module.