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Free compasses for Android / iPhone: download the best apps


Mobile compass apps have gained great popularity among travelers, athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. Land navigation doesn't require an additional device anymore since you already have everything you need on your smartphone which you're certain to always have with you.

Further you'll find Android and iOS compasses which have received high marks from users:

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Smart Compass

Smart Compass app is included in Smart Tools, but it can be installed separately from the full package. The compass uses a magnetic sensor for operation, and most of its capabilities require Internet connection.

Among the main features of Smart Compass we can highlight:

  • Applying a compass on an image taken with your mobile camera;
  • Using built in your phone GPS sensor;
  • Metal detector: it transmits data on the strength of the magnetic field at your device location in real time.

In order to improve the accuracy of Smart Compass readings, we suggest performing GPS calibration.

An enhanced paid version of Smart Compass is available in the Play Store. It can:

  • determine the current coordinates of your device via GPS
  • send them via email or SMS
  • adjust the speed of sensor data capturing

Moreover, Smart Compass paid version has no ads and it doesn't require Internet connection.

Download Smart Compass app: Android


Developer: Camera LLC(TX)

The Compass∞ app emulates a compass. You can use the maps downloaded online as a background. In addition to the compass, there are other measuring tools.

The functions of the Compass∞ are:

  • compass indicates direction and plots a route on the map (can be used as a navigator)
  • you need online access to work with the satellite maps
  • accurate data is received in real time
  • your location is constantly updated
  • for the correct operation, it is necessary to calibrate the compass, the sensors must work precisely
  • the application calculates the radius, angle, coordinates, magnetic power, latitude and longitude
  • additional compass tools: scale, area, distance, area unit converter

Download: iPhone

Digital Compass (KTW Apps)

Digital Compass app by Axiomatic Inc is a simple and handy navigation tool which isn't overloaded with unnecessary functions. It has everything a robust compass needs:

  • Capability to determine latitude, longitude and address;
  • A built-in map from Google Maps which helps to navigate the land;
  • Options of route building: focusing on the data captured with the magnetic field sensor / working with Internet data.

The app provides the following additional features:

  • level meter tilt,
  • data on the current state of the sensors.

Calibration is carried out when it's necessary to improve the accuracy of data (it's a standard "eight" you have to make with your device).

Download Digital Compass: Android


Developer: Gamma Play

A great application that will replace the standard compass. It has no additional functions not related to the compass itself. This is why tourists, travelers, mushroom hunters like the app. The main features:

  • built-in calibration tool allows you to adjust the compass for accurate and correct work
  • the top of the compass indicates the degree and direction
  • the application has a minimalistic design and does not contain advertising
  • compass fully emulates the mechanical device and repeats its design in the smallest details
  • bezel navigation is possible
  • there are instructions on the application page on how to use the compass; at first, you may have trouble understanding how to do it correctly
  • it does not have a spirit level and may have errors of five degrees or more.
  • it is necessary to hold the compass strictly horizontally and carefully watch the line

Download: Android

3D Compass Plus

Developer: Sam Lu The key feature of the 3D Compass Plus app is the display of an arrow in Augmented Reality Mode. The compass works with your device camera directly by showing the direction: either on a built-in Google map or right on the screen when the viewfinder is running.

Other app features:

  • Recording a video with all relevant data such as direction, degrees, speed, coordinates, etc.;
  • Adding information to image Exif tags when taking a screenshot;
  • Supporting marine compass and artificial horizon.

Almost all the functional features are available in the program free version but they're partially covered with advertising. Accordingly, there is no ads in the paid version.

Download 3D Compass Plus: Android

Digital Compass

Developer: Axiomatic Inc.

The application without any remarkable features, works steadily and without showing ads. This is the main advantage.

Let us note the regular features of the compass:

  • On-screen display of latitude, longitude and current location as an address on a map (with GPS enabled)
  • Terrain map, available when connected to wifi or mobile internet
  • Compass switch between normal and magnetic heading
  • Real-time magnetic field indicator
  • Display of coordinates, latitude and longitude, tilt level meter
  • Battery and sensor status display on phone screen

Download: Android

Compass (AwesomeDev)

The standard feature set of Compass apps from AwesomeDev developer includes everything you need for navigating:

  • Support of magnetic sensor and real-time magnetic field measurement;
  • Date and current time, as well as the exact coordinates calculated by GPS;
  • Minimalistic interface designed to lessen battery consumption and simplify the perception of data from the device screen.

The following features will be useful for drivers and cyclists:

  • speedometer,
  • multiple map display modes,
  • data on weather in the current location,
  • capability to build complex routes.

Download Compass: Android

Compass Pro

Compass Pro offers good functionality for professional travelers. The app displays on the screen all the relevant information, for example, current coordinates, direction, latitude, longitude, course, etc.

The key features of Compass Pro:

  • Calculating coordinates according to magnetic fields, GPS-sensor and Internet data;
  • Capability to switch between true and magnetic north;
  • Working with the device camera: notes with data on images, 30x zoom and a flashlight;
  • Data on weather in the location region: temperature, pressure and humidity;
  • Sending data via SMS.

Digital Compass

Developer: KTW Apps

Digital Compass developers claim that their app provides users with the most accurate information on their current location. The software uses data from all available sensors (gyroscope, magnetometer and accelerometer), as well as Internet data for improving the accuracy of coordinates.

Tip: We recommend avoiding any magnetic interference while using the app, for example, electronic devices (laptop or external battery). If the program distorts data, you can calibrate each available sensor.

Among its key features we want to highlight the following:

  • Regular measurements of the magnetic field power around your device;
  • Display of sensor status data and the capability of additional calibration taking into account the environment;
  • Determining longitude, latitude, altitude, address, etc.

Download Digital Compass: Android


PixelProse SARL product actively uses the magnetic data and this is what distinguishes it from the other counterparts. The app works with the geographical north, takes into account the current location of your device and its surrounding interferences which allows it to show the most accurate data. Keep it in mind when working with the app since the magnetic north which is used as the main one in most similar programs, can deviate from the geographical north up to 20 degrees.

Other features of Compass app:

  • The program is completely free and it has no ads or blocked features;
  • All available sensors operate in order to improve data accuracy;
  • Simple design, not overloaded with unnecessary information.

Important note: You should regularly calibrate the sensors for the correct operation of the app due to the magnetic environment around the device greatly affecting the accuracy of the coordinates and other displayed data.

The app can be installed on both internal memory and SD card.

Download Compass: Android

Digital Compass - Direction

Developer: Panda.App

Easy to use compass app, with additional tools such as calibrator, level and maps.

  1. The app has a built-in calibration tool. The compass contains instructions on how to use it;
  2. To work with the map, you will need to activate the GPS sensor on your phone
  3. Search for an address by coordinates or name on the map;
  4. Additional tools: sensor status, sun and moon position, level, terrain maps.

Download: Android


Developer: NixGame

This compass is great for navigation in the woods, in the city, in the open area, in an unfamiliar location. Works only on Android.

The functionality of the mobile application:

  • Displaying GPS coordinates on the map;
  • Orientation of the device and the user in relation to the north;
  • Nice design, possibility of fine-tuning and color scheme;
  • Real-time switching between geographic and magnetic field;
  • Phone's GPS can be used to refine data and improve positioning accuracy;
  • Display of standard parameters and values: coordinates, longitude and latitude;
  • Indicator of the magnetic field level.

Download: Android

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