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Top 10 GPS Navigation Apps for iPhone. Best Apple Maps alternatives

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Can you use Apple Maps offline?

A reader sent this question to the editor of MyGPSTools.

"Searched for information on the Internet, but never found the answer. I have the Apple Maps app installed on my iPhone 12. When I went to Berlin, I opened the navigator and could not use Apple Maps during the trip. So my question is:

Can I use Apple Maps offline? Is there an offline map viewer and route feature?"

Apple Maps saves some routes for offline viewing. At the same time, there is no full-fledged ability to save maps offline. The user cannot click on the Download button, as in Google Maps, and download the data for offline use.

As an alternative, we recommend installing the or Google Maps application on your iPhone. Using these navigators you can download maps to your mobile device in advance and use them without the Internet: create routes, get background information about houses, streets and places of interest.

Let's talk about what alternative applications there are for navigation in this article.

Apple devices owners while traveling often face the need to navigate their location and this is when navigation apps step in.

Each of them has its own unique features that might not be useful for pedestrians or might be unnecessary for drivers. Let's talk about the most popular and best navigation apps you can download for iOS (iPhone 12, 13, etc.).


Average rating: 4.5

Another application, relevant to iPhone users in Europe and the U.S., also suitable for traveling abroad. The functionality is limited, the application offers either to download offline maps or to use them online.

In offline mode, you can find a list of regions and download their maps, or use the search within the application.

As with the previous apps, you can find a list of hotels, inns, and canteens. There are even reviews and ratings from other users. There is no navigator, but it is contains section of attractions. You can mark places on the map adding it to your favorites.

Download link: iPhone

MapFactor Navigator

Average rating: 4.4

After you turn it on for the first time, MapFactor offers a quick setup feature. It is convenient that you can choose the interface language - the choice is not big, but still there.

It is also important that you can customize the units of measurement, select the transport profile and the theme of the application. The next step is giving the app access to the location.

A big advantage of MapFactor is the ability to select the maps that will be used during navigation.

The main disadvantage is that the U.S. map weighs more than one gigabyte, which is a lot for such an app, and not everyone needs a complete map of such a large region.

There is also no online maps. On top of everything else, this is the first app on the list that has constant intrusive ads in the free maps.

Download link: iOS

Apple Maps

Apple Maps is preinstalled by default on all devices running under iOS version 6 and above (maps by Google have been used previously). Due to the fact that this app is released exclusively for iOS, it's unavailable for any other operating system.

Key features of the gps app:

  • All Apple Maps features are absolutely free since the app is included in the basic set of programs
  • Capability to map a route avoiding driving along toll roads
  • While following the created route on the screen you can see the speed limit on the route specific parts

This app can be used offline as all the maps are cached and are shown correctly, even if there is no internet connection on your device. Nevertheless, we recommend building an itinerary while you still have unlimited access to networks as thus maps will be more informative and have more details. Apple Maps can also be used when GPS navigation is enabled but without internet access and it will be more than enough for mapping a route.

Apple Maps contain information on roads around the whole globe. The only limitation is 3D-panorama mode which is available only in the major cities of the United States, Canada, Australia, the UK and some Western European countries.

The app provides detailed voice support offering nuanced explanation of exactly where to turn and which road to choose at the fork. The maps also show large establishments and gas stations, as well as information on public transport routes.

Does gps on iPhone use data?

Here Maps (Here WeGo)

Here Maps navigator app which has been originally developed for devices running under Windows Phone is now called Here WeGo and is available for for iPhone and Android users. The app is distributed free of charge and allows its users to edit maps and update information on different locations.

The advantages of Here Maps for iPhone:

  • 3D mode is available in some cities
  • The presence of "offline" mode when only GPS is involved (when this mode is enabled the nearby institutions aren't displayed)
  • Automatic download of subway and tram itineraries in all supported cities

According to the developers, voice prompts work in 96 countries and information on traffic conditions is available only in 63 countries.

When you click on a specific building, you will receive full information on the institutions located there and will be able to map a route to the specified point.

Download Here Maps

Citymapper for iOS

Citymapper is a free navigation app for iPhone (iOS) and Android which is suitable for anyone who prefers public transport to a private car.

The important distinctive features of Citymapper:

  • The gps software collects data on public transport itineraries from carriers and ordinary users, so it's always up to date on iPhone.
  • Citymapper takes into account different ways of getting around the city, for example, the program can tell you how long you will have to wait for Uber to travel on the specified route or it can make a plan for your bike trip.
  • Capability to create links containing the coordinates of a specified point and send them via social networks or e-mail.

The gps app main focus is on hiking and cycling routes so various places located nearby aren't shown. In order to be able to get to the desired point you have to know its address. Accordingly, there are no voice prompts since pedestrians don't need them.

Download Citymapper Navigation

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