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How to connect the Waze app to car screen via Carplay

Author: Vladimir Brown
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Waze is a convenient minimalist navigation app, popular in many European countries. In addition to route guidance, you can find information about places of interest, compare prices at gas stations, read reviews, monitor the traffic situation, etc.

Does waze work on Carplay?

Yes for sure. If CarPlay has been updated but Waze is not showing on iPhone try this step by step instruction:

  1. Open the iPhone Settings;
  2. Go to "Main";
  3. Go to CarPlay;
  4. Select the name of your vehicle;
  5. Tap the "+" icon.

All the classic Waze functionality will then be available for use through your vehicle.

Additional settings available in Waze

Yes, there are some additional settings available when using Waze in a vehicle. To try them, go to the Waze Settings.

There are several options that can be configured to set up Waze in car:

  1. Voice & Sound Settings. Disable voice prompts and use navigation only, or add your own commands. You can also adjust the sound level in the car, for example, separately for navigation and for music or podcasts.
  1. Notification settings. You can customize notifications for urgent calls, messages, navigation events, and messages. For example, you can completely turn off audible notifications while the vehicle is in motion.
  1. Navigation settings. You can customize navigation options such as Avoid toll roads, Avoid highways, Avoid ferry crossings, Avoid tunnels, Avoid one-way streets, Avoid busy intersections.

Customizing the settings will help you set up Waze for optimal use in the car for navigation.

Instructions on how to connect Waze to car Bluetooth

For convenient and safe use, the navigation app can be connected to Apple CarPlay via bluetooth. This is done as follows:

Step 1. Install Waze app from App Store.

Step 2. Turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone and car head unit.

Step 3. Connect your phone to the car using Bluetooth or USB connection;

Step 4. Tap the Waze icon on the CarPlay screen.

Note. As of 2023, Waze has been added to the CarPlay main screen, so no extra effort is required to connect.

Finishing set up Waze in car

To finish Waze setup on your car, you will also need to configure the audio output for Waze to work correctly over a bluetooth connection.

To play Waze sounds via Bluetooth on your phone’s speaker:

Step 1. Tap the Menu icon from the top left corner.

Step 2. Tap Settings from the list

Step 3. Go to Voice & sound section

Step 4. Under “Sound” section, tap Play sound via menu item

Step 5. Use Play as Bluetooth phone call option to start playing sounds via the Bluetooth device.

From now on, all road traffic events and notifications will sound through the head unit of the vehicle to which Waze is connected.

If you do not have Waze on your head unit for some reason, check the car entertainment system firmware for updates.

Does Siri work with the Waze?

Yes, it does. When the navigation app is running on your phone and connected to the car interface, you can use Siri for commands such as:

- "Hey Siri, how to get to the restaurant."
- "Hello Siri, how to get to the airport."
- "Hello Siri, how to get home."

In addition to route guidance, Siri can find certain places on the map and speak their descriptions.

If the voice commands don't work, check to see if the voice assistant on your mobile device is working properly.

If the Siri function on your phone is working properly, the problem may lie in the technical part of your car. Check if the microphone works. You can do this during a call with your phone connected to the car.

What Waze features are available on Apple CarPlay?

Like any navigation app, Waze strives to make it as easy and safe as possible for the driver while driving. That's why the main feature is hands-free navigation. All commands can be given using Siri.

Voice messages will inform you not only about the route, but also about traffic accidents, etc. This allows you not to look at the screen during the trip.

Additional functionality:

  • Real Time Traffic Information. Waze uses real-time traffic data to give you the fastest route to your destination based on current traffic conditions.

  • Community Alerts. The app allows users to report traffic jams, accidents, speed traps, and other hazards in real time. This information is shared with other users to help everyone get to their destinations safely and efficiently.

  • Offline Maps. While CarPlay requires a data connection to work, Waze allows you to download offline maps for areas where you may not have a reliable connection. This is especially useful for traveling to remote or international locations.

  • Music and Podcasts. You can play music or podcasts through your car while using your navigation app. If you want to listen to your favorite playlist or talk show while traveling, this is the most convenient way.

How to stream music via Waze

Yes, Waze allows you to listen to music and podcasts through third-party audio apps without leaving navigation mode in Apple Carplay.

Available audio players include Amazon Music, Apple Music, Audible,, Claro, RTL2, Música MX, Deezer, FUN Radio, iHeartRadio, NPR One, NRJ Radio, Pandora,, RTL, Scribd, Spotify, Stitcher, TIDAL, TuneIn, TuneIn Pro, YouTube Music, Castbox.

Any of these players can be used with the Waze app. Playback can be controlled using the buttons at the top: Play; Pause; Next Track; Previous Track.

You can click on "show list" or "audio apps" to select a different player for the tracks.

How do I connect my audio player to Waze?

Through the Waze app you can control Carplay audio players installed on iOS.

If you do not have third party player apps downloaded:

  1. Download to iOS Carplay any audio player you like in the review.

  2. Run the Waze app on your iPhone.

  1. Tap on the Settings icon from My Waze menu;

  2. Go to Audio player section;

  1. Scroll down to Available apps and select the player you want to connect with.
  1. Tap on the Install button.

If the Carplay player is already installed on iOS:

  1. Go to Waze Settings.
  1. Select the player from Audio player section;

  2. Tap "Accept".

Note that Waze itself is not capable of playing music. It only does this through third party players. And we are talking about official services, where you will have to have an account and subscribe.

What version of iOS is required?

iOS 12 or later is required to use Waze on CarPlay.

How to set Waze as the default navigation app?

This is not possible at this time. CarPlay is an Apple product, so Apple Maps will open by default anyway.

How do I disable Waze from Apple CarPlay?

You can simply disable your device in the CarPlay settings section of your head unit.

You can also just plug in another navigation app.

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