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Top reasons why the Waze app does not work

Author: Vladimir Brown
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Like any mobile app, Waze cannot work 100% correctly, especially in real time, which requires constant data sync, internet access and GPS satellites.

In this article we have collected the top reasons why Waze does not work correctly. Figuring out the reason, you will be able to fix navigation problems with your app on your own.

Reason 1. Waze can't find GPS signal

Symptom: Waze will not detect your location and will not put a location icon on the virtual map. The current location may also not be detected correctly.

The most common reason for Waze not working properly is the loss of GPS signal. This guide has listed all of the common symptoms that cause GPS to fail and a link to satellites to be lost. All you need to do is to activate Location Services on your phone or clear the Waze cache.

If you correct this issue, then the Waze app will be able to correctly determine your current location and route you accordingly.

Reason 2. No network connection

Symptom: Although there is a connection to the GPS satellites, Waze will not load the map, instead it opens a white screen with no map layers visible. Also events on the map may not be displayed: accidents, traffic jams and repairs.

The main reason for this behavior is a weak wifi signal or complete absence of internet on the phone. It is possible to correct the error by testing the speed and / or fixing the technical errors on the phone. How to check and fix the connection problems, read the article.

Reason 3. Waze does not show traffic jams

Symptom: Waze maps do not show real time data - namely, there are no traffic jams, other users are not shown, and it is impossible to send your own report.

It may require a GPS connection or troubleshooting a wifi or mobile data connection. Also often the traffic is not displayed due to outdated Waze version or overloaded phone memory (cache cleaning is required).

Reason 4. Waze app can't find my route

Symptom: as well as if there is no internet connection, Waze cannot calculate the exact route or cannot show the current route.

This type of error usually occurs to Waze users if they are trying to figure out a route that is too complicated. There is also sometimes a similar problem, in which Waze displays a "No routes found" message. We have given solutions to the problem and answered some frequently asked questions in this article.

Reason 5. No sound

Symptom: No sound in Waze app: voice guidance, voice input is not working. Traffic events are not announced.

This problem may be caused by the Waze app itself or by the Android or iOS operating system. To eliminate the audio errors you need to look at the audio output settings, the Waze settings itself or adjust the volume to the right level.

Reason 6. Waze drain my battery

Symptom: This is happening for unknown reasons. Calibrating the battery and updating the Waze app will not fix it.

The accelerated battery drain may not be caused by Waze but by third party apps. You need to identify and uninstall them. It can also be caused by a virus on your phone or high ambient temperature near your phone. All causes and solutions can be found via the link above.

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