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How much data does Waze use on Android and iOS

Author: Vladimir Brown

Most of us have no control over how much data mobile apps consume. In the case of GPS navigation apps, be careful. If you use navigation apps, the mobile data consumption will be significant. This in turn will cause you to use up your data or pay a lot of money for overspending.

So if you are using the Waze app for GPS navigation, be sure to check how much data the app uses to function.

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What Waze Data Usage Affects

You cannot say for sure how many megabytes Waze uses in any given situation. There are a number of factors that can affect data usage. The data usage rate for Waze depends on:

  • The distance (because the route is updated non stop)
  • The number of events on the road
  • Your Android or iOS mobile internet settings
  • The version of Waze (different versions have different optimizations)
  • User behavior - how often you switch to regular wifi
  • Other things that are hard to guess
  • Whether Waze runs in the background or whether the user shuts down the app immediately.

What is the average wifi usage?

The average bandwidth used by the Waze app is 1Mb per hour or about 10Mb per day.

That is roughly equivalent to about 300Mb a month for Waze.

In fact, the number of megabytes can be higher if you use the navigation in active mode: zooming in on the maps, opening photos and downloading other data.

Waze Data Usage Calculator

Waze Data Usage per hour(s) is 0 - 0 Megabytes in average

Comparing Waze to other navigation apps

Waze does not use much data compared to Google Maps. Here is a Waze data calculator / comparison table:

AppData Usage1GB Lasts
Waze1MB/hour1000 hours
Google Maps2MB/hour500 hours
Apple Maps6MB166 hours

Waze vs Google Maps data usage

Google Maps consumes about 2MB/hour. Accordingly, 1 GB of data is enough for 500 hours of navigation.

As for Waze, it consumes about 2 times less data - 1MB/hour. This is enough for 1000 hours of driving. In fact, the difference may not be that much, depending on how actively you zoom in on the map, search for information, etc.

Does waze use more data than Google Maps?

No, it is the opposite: Waze is a more "economical" navigator. It downloads twice as much data from the internet.

How much data does Waze use while driving?

It is easy to calculate - look at the table and calculate how much time you will actively use your navigation device. If it is 1 - 2 hours you will not spend more than 5Mb while driving.

How much data will I get?

If you do not use Waze very often, you will have a low data usage.

In most cases, if you use the navigation app 1-2 hours a day, you will spend not more than 50-100 MB of the mobile Internet per month.

At the same time, if you spend every day about 5 hours for GPS navigation, 1 gb of data may not be enough - especially if you also use other applications that are dependent on the Internet.

Can I use Waze without internet?

You can't use Waze without internet fully.

Of course, it will cut down on mobile data usage, but it will affect the accuracy of the readings.

So Waze will use offline maps, but the information about the roads events (traffic jams, accidents) will be unavailable. You will also not be able to choose alternate routes (if the situation on the road changes) or use satellite view mode.

Is it possible to reduce the consumption of data in the navigation app?

Yes, here are some tips on how to minimize data consumption in the navigation app.

1. It is best to turn off Waze completely after using, so the app is not running in the background. Simply tap on the Stop button in the menu and close the application.

Next, go to Settings > Connections > Data usage > Mobile data usage > Application data usage > Waze.

Change "Background data usage" option to the Off position.

2. Explore the settings in Waze and disable unnecessary data usage.

Go to Settings > Map display:

  • Show wazers - Off
  • Show data - Off

3. Optimize mobile Internet through your phone settings. How to reduce data usage:

Go to Settings > Connections > Data usage section.

4. Follow to Data saver > Turn on now section.

5. Go to Waze Settings > Battery saver, toggle Ask before turning on to On position.

Why is data usage so high?

Waze is directly dependent on the internet. The app collects data from other users to report data events more accurately. So data usage may increase from time to time, but not significantly.

How can I check the data usage of Waze?

Most Waze users do not spend more than 100Mb per month and only use the navigation app 1 hour per day. In any case, you can only estimate it by testing the app.

You can check how much data Waze is using via Settings.

For Android: Settings Connections > Data usage > Mobile data usage > Application data usage > Waze. Look at the lines:

  • Total data usage
  • Foreground and Background data usage

Can I turn off data usage in Waze?

You can tune the bandwidth usage on your Android and choose only those apps that use mobile data.

The setting is not responsible for anything, most drivers use mobile internet anyway, and WiFi will be useless.

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