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How to close or temporarily stop Waze app on Android and iPhone


Waze is a handy navigator with traffic saving features and the ability to download offline maps. Drivers love this app because of the detailed maps, free features and smart voice assistant.

At the same time, like any GPS navigator, Waze discharges the battery of your phone too quick. This is especially noticeable when Waze is running in the background, using GPS when a phone is not connected to a charger. So if you do not use Waze, it would be better to turn it off.

There are different ways to close Waze. In this guide we will show you how to stop or shut down Android or iPhone navigator app through the software and hardware buttons on a mobile device.

How to shut down Waze on Android (via the app itself)

The first method is the obvious one: you can close the navigator like any other app. It will not waste battery and GPS, aimlessly tracking your position.

To close the Waze app as quickly as possible, follow these steps.

  1. There is a left arrow button on the bottom of the Waze app. Otherwise, use a similar physical button.
  2. Via a pop up window select Shut down option.
  1. The Waze app will be closed.

By the way, if you use Samsung Galaxy, just tap on the Recent apps button to the left of the Home button, then swipe the Waze window to close the navigator.

How to stop Waze navigation temporarily

At the same time, Waze does not have to be closed if you want to temporarily "suspend" the app. The navigator will not distract from driving, as there will be no active routes on the map.

So, if you just want to stop the navigation to let Waze work in the background mode, you can do it this way:

  1. Tap on the blue arrow on the bottom (ETA bar) of Waze.
  1. Use the Stop button to stop the current route.
  1. You can now minimize the app to run it in the background.

How to close the Waze app completely on your iPhone

In order to completely stop and close the Waze app on an iOS device (iPad, iPhone),

  1. Double tap the physical Home button (if not, swipe up at the bottom of the screen).
  2. In the App Switcher find a Waze window by swiping through the list of apps.
  1. Close Waze.

Uninstalling Waze from phone

This way you can close the Waze app without any problems. Unlike Google Maps, it does not display a pop-up window that also needs to be closed. Waze does not use up your phone's CPU / RAM or internet traffic by running in the background.

If you do not like Waze, uninstall it and you will never be bothered by it again. Here is a link to the app:

Instructions on how to uninstall apps on your phone

Tips on how to disable GPS tracking in Waze

However, despite the advantages of Waze, users complain that the navigator still works on Android, although the app is closed. This can be due to the fact that GPS is used to track the coordinates of the user.

To disable this feature on the Waze app, do the following

  1. Open the Waze app.
  1. Tap on Settings wheel.
  1. Go to Advanced settings > General.
  1. Use the Location item to change reporting option.
  2. Move the slider to the left to disable GPS tracking.

Note: The latest versions of Waze do not have this option. There is no need to disable it.