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Author: Vladimir Brown

What is the Runkeeper app used for?

The Runkeeper app is designed to measure speed, distance, keep statistics, and improve your performance. You can also use it to create personal training sessions and exercise with virtual trainers.

5 most useful features of the Runkeeper app

  • Auto pause: The ability to pause your stats automatically. This feature allows you to measure your speed stats more accurately. You are not distracted by having to open the app and tap the Pause button yourself. Go to Settings → Additional Settings to use this option.

  • Create workouts: You can select a trainer and workout difficulty to personalize your workout. Specify the length of the distance, set the time of the run, and meet the goal.

  • Track workouts - jogging, marathon, short-distance running, and cross-country. GPS and accelerometer allow you to measure running speed, distance, average speed, calories burned.

  • Statistics: all indicators are recorded in the log. The log is kept regularly, the user chooses the time range and units of measurement: speed, distance.

  • Goal creation and progress tracking. Runkeeper allows you to assign goals and track when the set goal is achieved in the form of a graph. For example, you can select the time of the run or the distance.

Download free Runkeeper app: for iPhone | Android

Runkeeper FAQ

Does Runkeeper work offline?

Yes, the app works offline, and the next time you connect to wifi, the data will be synced to all devices. On both Android and iOS, Runkeeper collects data in real time. Location tracking is done via GPS. At the same time, an Internet connection is desirable for constant and accurate operation.

Which is better, Strava or Runkeeper?

Runkeeper is suitable for users who want to set goals and make progress in their workouts. The Strava app has plenty of social and collaborative workout features. So we can say that both apps are good, each user should choose based on their needs.

Is Runkeeper for free?

Yes, in 2022 the basic version of RunKeeper is completely free. At the same time, there is an Elite subscription, which includes many additional features that the free version does not have. The cost is $9.99/mo or $39.99/year.

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