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How to check your real-time speed via Speedometer online


Any GPS navigator has a built-in speedometer to check the speed of a car. In this FAQ, we answer the most important questions about online speedometers: how to use it to check the current speed, what are the online speedometers, which one is more accurate, etc.

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What is a virtual speedometer?

Virtual GPS speedometer is one of the most popular applications in Play Market. It works offline and can be used as an online app on your phone. It is 98% accurate while connected to the Internet and slightly less accurate when working offline.

Is the information provided by the built-in speedometer correct?

The values of speed and time are more of a reference. Is better to be guided by the numbers, displayed in an physical speedometer, installed in the vehicle. At least, this option is recommended by Google Maps developers.

How to set the speed limit in the speedometer

This function is available in navigations apps Google Maps and Waze.

If the location specifies the maximum speed, when you cross it, the Google Maps application signals you to exceed it. The function is activated through the app settings.

In case of Waze speed control is enabled by default.

How to enable virtual speedometer online in Google Maps

To enable speed measurement:

  1. Open the Maps app on Android.

  2. Go to Settings: Account icon > Settings > Navigation settings.

  1. In the On Driving options, activate the Speedometer option.

A quick one-touch Speedometer activation is also available while driving. If Google Maps show information about the maximum speed for the car, for example, on the highway or in the city, it will alert about speeding.

Is there a built-in virtual speedometer in Waze?

Yes, Waze app does not need to activate the speedometer, it works without presetting.

The application uses its own information from the Internet and can determine the allowed speed on the road. If it is exceeded, an audible warning will go off. Of course, the speedometer can be disabled via the settings, if necessary.


Are there any online services for measuring speed? I don't want to install an app on my phone.

Try this real-time online speedometer.

Its features:

  • Counts meters per second, miles or kilometers per hour.
  • You must enable GPS detection and allow geolocation in your phone settings. Otherwise, the speedometer will give an error.
  • It can be installed on Android and iOS platforms.
  • Works in the browser without installing on the phone, even without an internet connection as a progressive application through the browser.

Another site with similar functions - it shows the current speed in km, miles and knots (i.e. it is suitable as a speedometer for a boat). The website asks for access to GPS when after you open it. This service is extremely useful if you need to double check the speedometer in the car.

Are there separate apps for determining speed? I want to know how fast I'm going and if the speedometer in my car is working correctly.

You can do this by installing a speedometer app by downloading it from the Google Play Store.

The best apps are collected in the review: Speedometers for Android on MyGPSTools.

Can I trust my phone's speedometer? How accurate are the speed checking?

Figures that give out software speedometers can be trusted only in part, still they have an error and are quite slow to respond to changes.

It is always advisable to use an ordinary car speedometer or onboard PC additionally.

You mentioned Android applications. How do I know how fast I'm going using my iPhone?

Here is the iOS app Speedometer - How Fast Am I? by Marcel Kraus.

It's completely free and has no ads. The reviews are positive - written by motorists and even golfers who use carts. The app is very convenient to switch between meters, miles and kilometers. There is a dark mode, turned on automatically if you have the appropriate mode on your iPad or iPhone.

Is it possible to know the current speed without a speedometer?

Yes! The standard distance between 10 poles is about 1/4 mile. Multiply the number of seconds by four, then divide by 60 and multiply by 60. This will be equal to your speed in miles per hour.

How does the GPS calculate the speed of an object?

GPS receivers, for the most part, calculate speed through Kalman filter algorithms. This is a combination of moving per unit time and calculating the Doppler shift in the signals. The speed is not displayed as a numerical value in real time.

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