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Download Google Maps app for Android


Google Maps is a well-known mobile navigation app for Android and iOS. There is also a web version, accessible via a browser.

In general, the Google Maps mobile application is designed to create routes for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

The 5 essential features of Google Maps

1. Creating routes

Set a destination and follow a route. You can choose the way of travel \ - on foot, by car or by public transport. Depending on this, the best route (or its variants) and estimated time for overcoming the distance will be offered.

2. Offline navigation

The navigator supports offline maps: you do not need the Internet to follow the routes and find information about the area. Due to this, the application will be useful for travelers and tourists who do not have access to the Internet.

Maps take up little space on the phone, are well detailed, contain the main objects, house numbers and street names.

3. Traffic & accident notification

Google Maps notifies about traffic jams and accidents, offers alternative routes to reduce the time of overcoming the route.

Color on the map shows the degree of traffic congestion. Save your time and nerves, optimize your routes taking into account traffic jams.

4. Voice navigation

Google Assistant informs about the events during navigation: turns, exits, alternative routes. No need to be distracted by the map, the assistant will inform you about the most important things. In the application settings you can choose the voice and types of notifications.

5. Creating alternative routes

In addition to the suggested routes, you can use alternative routes or create your own. If possible, Google Maps will help you bypass toll roads.

When building your own routes, you can make several stops by dragging the point to another location to bypass the suggested option.

Download Google Maps

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