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Best free GPS speedometers for Android - 2022: their distinctive features

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GPS speedometer is a convenient app, mainly designed for Android and iOS, which allows to record the speed of movement while walking, running, driving, cycling, boating and etc.

How to use GPS speedometer

In order to use GPS speedometer app, you have to:

  1. install a corresponding utility on your smartphone,
  2. launch it,
  3. enable GPS connection with satellites.

GPS speedometers features

GPS speedometers perform the following functions:

  1. Providing a driver with the data on motion parameters: speed, altitude differences and etc.
  2. Recording mileage via a meter.
  3. Making it possible to control the time and distance of travelling, average and maximum speed and fuel consumption.
  4. Tracking your location.
  5. Notifying of speeding via a light or sound signal.

In this review we've collected the most popular speedometers apps and we've highlighted their main functions.

Best GPS speedometers

GPS Speedometer - Trip Meter

This GPS speed app accurately measures all key movement parameters:

  • current, average and maximum speed;
  • time of travelling and mileage;
  • number of wheel revolutions (odometer).

It also provides the following features:

  • recording data into device memory;
  • setting a speed limit (when it's exceeded, the app sends a signal);
  • pausing and resuming GPS tracking.

Pro version of the app allows to:

  • use the app with no ads;
  • toggle on an altimeter and altitude meter.


  • detailed information about the route traveled
  • odometer is available


  • The free version of GPS Speedometer shows ads

Download GPS Speedometer - Trip Meter

GPS Speedometer

The features of GPS Speedometer app:

  1. It records mileage and current, average and maximum speed.
  2. Saves the history of data.
  3. Shows your location on a map.
  4. Notifies of weather conditions in the region of your location.

Also this GPS speedometer allows you to use the following settings:

  • switching the modes of speed measuring;
  • enabling analog or digital speedometers;
  • setting landscape screen mode;
  • disabling the tracking of movement;
  • resetting data history;
  • listening to background music.

The speed app shows ads on Android.

The Pro version extends the range of GPS Speedometer features. It has:

  • scale;
  • speed correction;
  • 5 themes;
  • 2 styles of speedometer;
  • address display;
  • audible alarm;
  • speed limiter.

Pro version allows you to use the app with no ads.


  • Ability to save data usage history
  • Multiple speed settings
  • Weather related factors to take into account


  • Limited free version

DigiHUD Speedometer

DigiHUD Speedometer app for Android records and displays the following data on the screen of your phone:

  • current, average and maximum speed;
  • covered distance;
  • location (via a GPS compass);
  • current time;
  • battery charge level.

When you go over the speed limit, the displayed numbers change color. This feature will be handy for motorists.

The Android speedometer has such settings as:

  • normal and background mode;
  • normal display and mirroring of elements on the screen;
  • changing speed units (km/h, mi/h, knots);
  • toggling on a horn when speeding;
  • brightness settings;
  • blocking screen rotation;
  • changing display settings;
  • displaying an odometer.

There is no ads in DigiHUD Speedometer app. In Pro version ($1.31) the following additional functions are available:

  • creating profiles for different vehicle types;
  • creating marks on a map;
  • recording and exporting routes;
  • enabling day and night modes;
  • start/exit when a charger is connected/disconnected.


  • Work with the map
  • Numerous speedometer settings
  • No ads

Download DigiHUD Speedometer

GPS Speedometer and Odometer

This app allows to:

  • receive data on current, average and maximum speed;
  • track your location on a map.
  • use it for bicycles, cars and trucks;
  • work with an odometer app;
  • receive notifications when you go over the speed limit.

Via its settings you can:

  • switch between digital and analog modes;
  • use multiple profiles for different vehicle types;
  • change speed units and its scale at any time.

The free version of GPS Speedometer shows ads.

Using the Pro version makes it available to:

  • toggle off ads;
  • obtain high data accuracy;
  • use an altimeter;
  • work in offline mode;
  • record a trip;
  • disable and enable tracking in GPS mode.

Download GPS Speedometer and Odometer (Unreleased)

GPS Speedometer, Distance Meter

This app allows you to measure the speed of walking, running, cycling and driving as well as the distance of travelling. If the speed is above the limit, the GPS Speedometer sends a vibration or sound signal.

Via the settings of the speed tracker you can:

  • change the units of distance or speed (miles or km);

  • set a permitted speed for a notification;

  • toggle on/off vibration and/or signal;

  • change tunes and alert volume;

  • enable Day/Night mode;

  • change the language of interface.


  • Work with the app in background mode;


  • The app shows ads
  • There is no Pro version

Download GPS Speedometer, Distance Meter

Speedometer GPS

It helps to keep track of speed, altitude, distance of travelling as well as to record location, gather information on the starting point, time of travelling and average speed.

The settings of speedometer meter include:

  • changing the units of speed/distance;
  • displaying satellites;
  • saving data;
  • using diagrams and charts.

Pro version of this app allows you to work with no ads and in offline mode.


  • Switching between GPS odometer and speedometer;
  • Storing data in the application history


  • The app hasn't been updated in a while

Download Speedometer GPS

SpeedView: GPS Speedometer

An app for measuring speed with great accuracy. It can be used while running, walking, cycling and driving.

SpeedView displays:

  • the speed and direction of travelling;
  • recent speed chart;
  • a speed limit depending on the type of a road.

The app functionality also includes the following features:

  • HUD mode;
  • changing the units of speed and distance;
  • using gyroscopes, accelerometers and other sensors.

Pro version is available ($1.41) with no ads and with additional functionality:

  • displaying satellites;
  • showing a speed chart;
  • receiving information on your location and showing your coordinates on a map.


  • Saving the track of movement in the memory of your phone;
  • Working in background mode;


  • The app shows ads in the free version of the speedometer

Download SpeedView: GPS Speedometer

Ulysse Speedometer

This app allows its users to:

  • measure speed in a wide range;
  • get information on the direction of travelling;
  • fix height and traveled distance.

Via its settings you can:

  • save speed data;

  • change profiles;

  • change speed units;

  • set speed corridors;

  • mirror speed when your device is mounted on a windshield;

  • turn on and off background mode.

The paid version of Ulysse Speedometer allows you to toggle off ads and make calls while the app is still running.


  • The app display both compass and average speed;
  • It keep a travel log;
  • Profiles can be created

Download Ulysse Speedometer

Which speedometer app is the best?

One of the best compasses, according to user rating Trip Meter - Odometer. In addition to the compass, it includes an altimeter and altitude meter. We advise you to look at the paid version of the application, because the free one contains ads.

GPS Speedometer is the most functional app with speed correction and a flexible layout of the meters. Drivers will find the speed limiter function, which notifies users about speeding.

DigiHUD Speedometer is one of the most popular speedometers. It measures speed, the distance and time. It can work in background and normal mode. In the paid version there are even more functions, such as creating profiles and recording of traveled routes.

GPS Speedometer (Distance Meter) – this app is the most universal, and will be useful not only for motorists but also for pedestrians and cyclists. You can set the speedometer behavior: notifications, vibration, as well as the appearance (switching design themes).

SpeedView is an unusual speedometer, we also recommend it for installation. There are a number of fairly rare features, such as a record of the route traveled, support for sensors, and gyroscopes. Additional functionality is available in the pro-version.


Is it convenient to use mobile phone as a speedometer?

Yes, Android and iOS devices are compatible and suitable for installation and use of mobile speedometer. The phone has all the necessary sensors and a GPS receiver to accurately calculate your speed, average speed, and distance traveled.

Which navigator has a built-in speedometer?

Google Maps and Waze have these features. You can change the settings to show the speedometer counter in the home screen of the app. We advise you to use Waze as it will measure your speed as accurately as possible. In addition, the app is free and is constantly updated.

Does Google Maps have its own speedometer?

Yes, you can activate the built-in speedometer in the Google Maps mobile app. The function is available for the iPhone and Android version of the navigator.

Initially, the speedometer is disabled, but you can turn it on through the settings of Google Maps.

Also, the application can work in conjunction with Android Auto, which is convenient for clarifying the speed of the car.

GPS speedometer (app) is better than car speedometer?

It is impossible to say for sure which is better. In both cases there is an error of about 10%. The GPS app uses GPS satellites to work, while the car speedometer does not use GPS. We recommend using both methods to measure accurate speed.

Which free speedometer would you recommend using?

SpeedView is good for most tasks. It is completely free and has no ads. You can set the necessary parameters of the speedometer through the settings. Works in the background, shows the current speed in miles and kilometers.

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