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The best GPS speedometers for boats - 2022


Many vehicle owners are once faced with the question of choosing equipment. Speedometers, compasses, gyroscopes, etc. All of these functions are often combined in a bobile phone. It is also important to choose not only the device itself, but also the software that will be easy to use.

The apps listed below are excellent for installing on the built-in computer of the car as well as for downloading to the phone. Almost all of the options listed have additional functionality suitable for use on boats.

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Before installing, keep in mind that accuracy depends not only on the app itself, but also on your device. If it works with hiccups, the speed may not be detected correctly either. In general, count on a 5-10 km error during a high speed trip.


BoatSpeed is a boat speedometer with an extremely simple interface. There are no unnecessary animations and factors that burden the phone when using it. The main screen immediately shows the direction and speed (in knots by default). Sometimes the movement can be displayed even if the device is stationary - then you may need to calibrate.

Under "navigation" all the same data is displayed on top of the map. The maps themselves can be selected in the settings. Functions such as route saving and navigation, anchor alert and compass are available. In the settings section, you can change the measurement system, maps, position format and full-screen mode of the app itself.

Without geolocation enabled, the app simply won't launch, so even if you want to download and just check it works - you'll have to give all the necessary permissions.

Advertising is completely absent. There are no paid features either, which is a definite plus for many users.

Download for: Android

Technical requirements:

  • Android version - 4.4 and above
  • Free memory on the device - 16 MB or more

Ulysseee Spedometer

From the previous app, Ulysseee Spedometer has a different graphic design, stylized as speedometers on cars.

When you first run the app will give a warning about the impact of constant display of information on AMOLED and OLED screens. To prevent damage, it's worth following the instructions and going into the settings. This is especially true if you intend to use the app as a car speedometer and will not dim the screen.

In the center of the main screen you can see the speedometer with an accuracy of 5 km / h. There you can also turn on the route recording. It also has compass, GPS accuracy, and average speed. What is very convenient is the date and battery percentage on the main screen.

The menu opens by tapping on the center of the screen. There you can turn on night mode, turn on profiles, adjust units of measurement, open the settings menu, and more.

Through the settings menu you can view counters, screenshots taken, and very importantly, feedback from the developers.

Advertising in the app is present in the form of a small, permanent banner on the main screen.

Download for: Android

Technical requirements:

  • Android version - 5.0 or later
  • Free memory on the device - 20 MB or more


Speedbot has the most elaborate interface of all the provided apps. It is suitable for those users who are bothered by low-quality pictures or too bright arrows on the boat speedometer.

On the main screen is the speedometer, designed like a car speedometer. In the center is the location on the map, the level of communication and phone charge. The interface of this app is ideal for installing on a built-in car navigator.

On the left side are data on the start of the route, the duration of the trip, the maximum and average speed. Clicking on the special icon just below the speedometer will open the map.

To use OBD, you will need to connect your device to special sensors.

Advertising in this app is in the form of a small banner at the bottom, which does not interfere with or overlap any content. Premium subscription allows you to get rid of ads completely.

Download for: Android

Technical Requirements:

  • Android version 3.1 and up
  • Free memory on the device - 25 MB or more

Sail Expert

One of the best sailing apps available on Android. The design is styled like old maps, looks very nice and has a huge functionality.

The first time you start it, you will get a detailed instruction on how to use all the functions, so here we will consider only the most basic.

On the main speedometer screen you can view the speed of the boat, the distance traveled and the direction of travel. There is also data from the phone's tilt sensor. You can set up an anchor warning if you want, and you can also view a map with your location, also adapted for boats.

There are no ads in the app, but some features are only available through premium. You can evaluate them immediately through the demo, which is a huge plus for the app. Premium features include sea weather viewing and a route planner function.

Download for: Android

Technical requirements:

  • Android version - 4.4 and later
  • Free memory on the device - 105 MB or more

GPS Speedometer and Odometer

This is a trial version, but it works fine. This app is the most minimalistic and undemanding in the list. There is no complicated design and unnecessary functions, it does only the work of the speedometer. Suitable both for measuring the speed of maritime transport, and for cars.

The main speedometer screen shows the current speed, the distance traveled by the boat, the average and the maximum speed of the trip. Also there is the distance traveled, the maximum speed. And it's worth noting that the meter of this app is much more accurate than the previous ones.

Advertisement in the speedometer is present in the form of a banner which sometimes pops up before launching and can interfere if you need urgent access to the speedometer.

Download for: Android

Technical requirements:

  • Android version - 5.0 or later
  • Free memory on the device - 15 MB or more

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