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TaskPaper is a powerful to-do-manager for Mac OS


You may have read note about how you can create tasks as plain notes via a notepad. There are other, more convenient apps. We are going to talk about one of them.

TaskPaper is a to-do manager for Mac OS. You can create tasks, notes, projects using a special (uncomplicated) syntax. It is easy to understand, just run TaskPaper app, look at the examples and read the instructions.

Although TaskPaper is not for those who like graphical interface, you can create projects, tasks, notes, and tags here.

In addition to the text syntax, keyboard shortcuts are used. Maybe at first this interface will seem unusual, but on the other hand, here you do more actions with the keyboard, you can forget about the mouse. However, drag-n-drop can also be freely used.

Once you have a list of tasks sketched out as a text file, it's easy to organize them via @tag, type, or content. Lists can be split into parts, collapsed, and information can be searched everywhere inside the app.

Some difficulties may arise with date formats, there are a lot of them.

But after a while it becomes clear that this is also convenient, and everything is also sorted by tags of different nesting levels. Thanks to the scripts, you can create recurring tasks, use color labels and modify anything you want.

But that's not all. Although TaskPaper lives up to its name and everything is stored in text form, you can dive deeper and change the design theme via css styles. As already mentioned, there is Javascript scripting support for advanced users.

Among scripts are, for example, Repeating tasks, date change scripts, modification of search and sorting, autocompletion and many other options.

Here is instructions on how to use the scripts. There are truly unlimited possibilities here.

TaskPaper price is $29.99. You can download and purchase it at

TaskPaper contains everything you need to flexibly organize tasks. The functionality of the application is limited only by your desire to read documentation. To-do manager will suit those who like text interfaces and quick data input via keyboard, as well as those who'd like to adapt all programs to their needs.