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Best hiking gps apps for Android and iOS


Modern mobile phones are cross functional and multipurpose and these are their main benefits. There are a lot of apps useful for sport amateurs and in particular hiking and trekking enthusiasts. Today we're going to take a close look at a few products you're likely to duly appreciate while hiking or trekking.

Recommended apps:

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Gaia GPS

Gaia GPS is a mobile app which will be useful for hunters, athletes, hikers and adventurous travellers. It allows using detailed topographic maps, arrange routes and sync them with desktop and mobile devices. Maps are available both for cities and their neighborhoods, national parks, mountain and cross-country terrain.

You can download maps onto your gadget for offline use, connect directly to the app map database online or print any map. In addition to map objects Gaia GPS displays such data as: distance and altitude. Information on weather conditions will also be useful since you can make adjustments to the existing route or change your plans.

Thanks to Gaia GPS, you can not only make a plan, but also save a trail with the smallest details, add notes and share it with other users.

Most of Gaia GPS GPS features are for free. Premium users have access to maps from various sources (NatGeo Trails, Swiss Topo, France IGN and etc.). The price of subscription is $39.99.

Download GAIA GPS for Android and iOS

Map My Hike GPS Hiking

Fitness app Map My Hike GPS Hiking tracks the amount of calories spent while hiking (or doing any other sport activity) and records your on a map your route.

Map My Hike supports a big number of gadgets: Google Fit, Android Wear, Garmin and etc. You can sync the app with Android Wear devices and thus track your progress.

Map My Hike free version shows ads. Premium version provides access to advanced statistics (for example, there is a feature of heart rate analysis). The pro version also allows you to create personal training plans: the app will adapt to user's tasks and give advice. Live Tracking which tracks by GPS coordinates on a map also worth mentioning.

The main disadvantage of Map My Hike is the lack of detailed maps which makes it difficult to use the app for navigation. Primarily, the app will be useful for those who like to burn calories and stick to a diet.

Download Map My Hike

ViewRanger: Trail Maps for Hiking, Biking, Skiing

ViewRanger grants access to hiking trails. In addition to the United States, the app also covers other countries popular for hiking such as Italy, Canada and France. In total, ViewRanger provides maps for 23 countries and about 200 thousand places for doing sport and travelling.

Its database contains terrain maps and satellite images of high accuracy. All trails can be printed and you can study them online. ViewRanger supports offline mode: offline maps can be easily downloaded in GPX format and you can use them with no mobile or internet connection.

It's convenient to use ViewRanger along with a smart watch (OS Wear): in order to track GPS coordinates in real time and record your hiking routes for later export.

The reviews on this app in media are glowing and in Google Play it's marked as "Editors' Choice". However, the reviews of users are quite ambiguous: they complain on the majority of maps being available only after paying for ViewRanger subscription (which can be purchased via the online store on the app website).

Download ViewRanger

PeakFinder AR

PeakFinder is a guide with peaks and mountains names. The app database includes more than 650 thousand objects, more or less known terrain hills.

You can access the app from anywhere, since it doesn't require internet connection in order to be able to fully operate. It works in the following way: you point the device camera at an object which leads to a 360° panorama with the name and geographical summary on the object to show up.

PeakFinder scans all objects in a 300 km radius. You can select a point via GPS, peak directory or by using an online map. In order to fully operate the app requires a gyroscope built into your device, otherwise the camera mode won't be available. PeakFinder also uses compass and motion sensors for identifying objects and drawing panoramas.

PeakFinder runs under Android and iOS. The app costs $4.95.

Download PeakFinder AR

Relive - Your Outdoor 3D Videos

This app is for hiking enthusiasts who enjoy sharing their achievements with friends. Relive allows you to create beautiful and presentable stories based on your journey.

Let's list some distinctive features of Relive. The app allows to:

  • Add photos and videos along the entire route;
  • Create video stories based on your journey;
  • Display treks in the form of  beautiful and detailed 3D landscape;
  • Annotate sports achievements: max speed, highest point, distance, time and etc.

Enabled GPS connection is required for the operation of the app. Relive works with a variety of services and software including Garmin, Endomondo, Polar, MapMyRide and MapMyHike.

There is also a premium version of the app with some additional appealing features:

  • Creating presentation videos in HD quality;
  • Importing and editing multiple stories;
  • Adding music and more photos (up to 50) to a video;
  • Storing data on athletic performance for over 12 hours.

Due to these features, Relive app will be useful for athletes (runners, cyclists, snowboarders) and travelers who cover long distances and pass obstacles.

Download Relive

AlpineQuest Off-Road Explorer

A collection of detailed and high-precision topographic maps for hunters, athletes and those who love hiking. Its maps will help you with building the right route to your destination. AlpineQuest is also able to save trails you've passed and it gathers statistics on your achievements.


A-GPS Tracker

An app for recording hiking routes and actually planning them. You can import a GPX file and follow already existing routes. A-GPS Tracker supports the following navigation systems: GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo. Even a WiFi hotspot can act as a reference point.


Bergfex Tours & GPS Tracking Running Hiking Bike

Another app for looking at hiking routes and not just that. It provides access to topographic maps and GPS tours. Via Bergfex Tours it's convenient to plan future trails and record current ones and import / export records in GPX format. In addition to this, the app can be synced with a smart watch.

The pro version of Bergfex Tours supports offline maps.


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