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Top of the best GPS navigation apps for Canada


Not all navigators work in Canada. In this selection, you will find apps that will help you if you are travelling through cities in this country. They include maps, directions, traffic information, and more. Basically, everything that will be useful when traveling on Canadian roads. Navigation apps can be used by drivers as well as pedestrians and tourists.

The best GPS navigators for Canada:

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Transit - Subway & Bus Times

The Transit app gives you accurate information about public transit traffic in Canada. It is easy to build the fastest and most rational route for trip you planned. The turn-by-turn navigator helps you navigate in unfamiliar areas.

Turn on the mobile Internet to get the latest updates. If there is no access to the network (for some reason), the app will display the transport schedule and travel plan in offline mode.

Pros of the navigation app:

  • Access to subway maps;
  • Route planner;
  • You can pay for transportation services, compare prices;
  • It shows bike rentals and carsharing.


  • After the update, users noticed that the app is performing worse;
  • A limited number of cities that the app supports.

"Transit" analyzes and offers several path options so that the driver chooses the most convenient and fastest way to travel. It makes combined trips in different ways, for example, "subway + cab", "train + bus". All major Canadian cities are supported.

The app will tell you in what time your transport will arrive. There are sound notifications: Transit will remind you when you need to hurry to the stop or get out of the car.

The app is available not only in Canadian cities, but also in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

Transit - Subway & Bus Times can be downloaded from Play Market and iOS.

Waze for Canada

The readers asked if Waze works in Canada. The answer is yes, all features are available in Canada just like in other European countries and the US.

Waze is a social app for navigating through cities and provinces in Canada and other countries. Maps can be edited by users themselves - they can add their own information about traffic jams, accidents, and any changes to the map. Thus, with the help of drivers, the app becomes better and more convenient for all users.

To improve Waze service, you need to run the app each time before a trip. It will automatically collect basic information about roads.

The quality of maps in a particular canadian region depends on the number of users and their activity. The more drivers drive with the app open, the more accurate and informative the map becomes.


  • Online maps are updated, the app shows all the latest changes;
  • The app remembers the speed, direction, turns, analyzes the collected information, finds errors, improves the road map;
  • Works all over the world, including Canada;
  • You can be informed about police posts and speed cameras, in case if other drivers have already marked them on the map.

Users get bonus points that increase their level in the app. The more a driver warns about conditions on the road, the higher his rank becomes. This custom game motivates active participation in improving the map, with drivers competing to be the best "wazer" in their area.


  • Traffic information is not always available;
  • There are not enough Waze users in Canada to make the app as informative as possible;
  • Waze does not work with bike lanes, public transit and truck lanes.

The app is suitable for smartphones and tablets on Android, iOS, Windows, and BlackBerry platforms.

You can download Waze from Play Market at link and for iOS.

Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps

The navigator from Sygic is used by drivers all over the world. The list of available countries constantly expands. The app is distributed to countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe, USA and Canada.

The main purpose of the app is to make every car owner on the planet a user of Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps. Now the service is used by more than 125 million people.

When traveling in Canada, the app can be used offline - it has a database of maps for offline navigation. Driving and walking routes are easy to plan from your smartphone, even without mobile Internet. When connected to the network, real-time map updates become available - the situation with traffic jams and incidents, information about traffic police posts and cameras.

Canadian maps are broken down by region with detailed information. For tourists who are planning to visit unfamiliar places in Canada, Sygic becomes a reliable assistant - it contains up-to-date information for travelers with detailed routes and constant updates.


  • Voice-assisted navigation with step-by-step instructions;
  • Information about the different points of the route;
  • Warning of speed cameras and areas with speed limits.


  • Complex interface with many options;
  • free trial period of only 7 days.

In addition to GPS navigation, Sygic offers a number of other products for the convenience of the driver and the tourist. For example, Head-Up Display projects information from the navigator on the windshield of the car. TripAdvisor and Booking services help travelers learn about tourist destinations, read reviews and recommendations.

You can install Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps at Google Play and iOS.

The Navigation Pro app from Samsung has a feature designed exclusively for Galaxy smart watch users. The information from the navigator is synchronized with the watch and displayed on the screen.

The app is designed to display information on the watch display in the most convenient format. Its function helps you not to get lost in unfamiliar places in Canadian provinces, cities and villages - an arrow will always show the direction to the right place. The units of distance measurement can be adjusted.


  • Keep track of direction without taking your eyes off the wheel - just by looking at your hand;
  • If you lose your watch, the navigator will help you find it quickly and easily.


  • App is paid;
  • Autostart function - turns on the watch itself, when it is not necessary.

Navigation Pro works on smart watches from Samsung, as well as on any smartphones and tablets with Android.

You can download the app from Play Market at link. You can also find Navigation Pro in the Samsung Store.

Gaia GPS: Offroad Hiking Maps

Gaia GPS navigator has many fans around the world and is popular with drivers, travelers and guides in Canada.

The app saves traveled routes, geo tagged photos, destinations, and maps of Canada. All of this can be shared with friends by sending a link via email or social media directly from the app. You can save data to cloud storage.


  • Gaia has a variety of Canadian maps loaded - road maps, topographic maps, aerial maps;
  • You can save an unlimited number of maps for yourself and use them without Internet.
  • Settings, such as units of distance and speed, and type of coordinates, are available.


  • You can download maps of the regions of Canada only in the paid version;
  • Sometimes the app is redirected to Google Maps.

The desktop version allows you to use the service on your computer, by logging in and registering at Your profile with saved routes, maps, photos can be synchronized on all devices that use the service.

The app is available on smartphones and tablets. You can download it on Google Play and iOS.

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