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How to earn points on Waze

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Waze is a GPS and navigational app for Android / iOS phones and tablets. It attracts with a friendly interface and a wide range of settings. You can choose the visual theme, the time of day to display the map, the radius of map, the unit of measurement of the distance traveled.

Waze has a great addition - a competition for users for a high rating with the ability to make edits to map elements, send reports on incidents, help other drivers and improve the service.

Why earn points

In Waze app, users can earn points and improve their rating. The developers have come up with several user levels, from Kid to King.

By gaining a certain number of points, the driver advances to a new level that gives benefits. Changes or additions made to the map will not be able to change the users who have a lower level.

By the number of points you can estimate the contribution to the card, help other drivers to add information about traffic jams and accidents.

There is no material benefit to the Waze points system. It is like a game, a "wazer" competition. It makes more fun to use the Waze app.

This loyalty system allows the app

  • to get better,
  • create more accurate maps,
  • provide timely information about traffic jams by motivating drivers to act in the app.

How to earn points on Waze

The only prerequisite for earning points is to link your email address in Waze app and confirm it. You can then perform useful actions and get rewards. There are three ways to earn points in Waze.

Way 1. Using Waze app while driving

Open the app when driving a car. You can use it as a navigator. The accrual system is as follows:

  • 5 points/mile for normal driving (3.2 points/km),
  • 16 points/mile for driving in Pac-Man mode (10 points/km).

Way 2. Adding incident and traffic information

To report problems, fill out a traffic incident report and submit it. Points for this action are awarded like this:

  • 6 points for information about traffic jams and accidents,
  • 8 points - if you tell about fuel prices,
  • 3 points - for comments on the reports.

Way 3. Editing the map

To earn as many points as possible, don't forget to make additions to the Waze map. This is the fastest way to improve your ranking and move up a level. Edit the map as often as possible, make edits and add new items.

If items on the map are not available for editing, it means that the information has already been added by users with a higher rating. To solve this problem you need to

  • expand your map,
  • open up new areas for editing,
  • move on, using different directions and paths.

A larger map has many more options and items available for editing.

Checking how many points you have

The personal Waze user area contains all the information on the number of points you have earned, your rating and the level of your driver. The user-friendly interface allows you to check your data and understand how many points you need to get to the next level and for achievement.

To find out the number of accumulated points, do this:

  1. Go to the Waze app, sign in.
  2. At the bottom corner of the screen, activate the search bar (magnifying glass icon).
  3. Enter your username.
  4. The name and date of your Waze login will appear on the screen.
  5. You will also see the total number of points in your account, as well as other profile information such as user level and achievements.

What are Bonus Points

You can complete achievements and earn even more points in Waze. Some users can earn 500, 1,000 or 2,000 points at once. It's a quick way to increase the level and rating.

After completing one of the tasks on the map appears candy. You have to pick it up by driving along this path. If you fail to pick it up, it will appear later in another place on the laid route.

Achievements are given for a certain amount of distance traveled using the navigator and for other activities in the Waze app:

  • adding other users as friends,
  • editing the map,
  • and sharing reports.

What are Achievements

Check the list of achievements to speed up your Waze ranking.

First 10 miles25
First report sent25
First report on a day off30
First map error report50
First friend on Waze200
First 5 friends2,000
First week, with 2 days of travel100
First week, 3 days of driving200
First week, 4 days of rides300
First map editing200
50 bugs fixed on the map500
Best user of the week in the region500
500 map improvements750
500 miles (800 km) for the week1,000

To see your achievements in Waze:

  1. Open Waze app.
  2. Tap My Waze.
  3. Select your name.
  4. Tap the "Rating" section.
  5. Tap My Achievements.

Each achievement has a progress bar - the orange bar increases as you get closer to the goal. When the task is fully completed, the bar will turn gray.

What levels of Waze users exist


A new user who has installed Waze app and just started using it receives a Waze Kid level. It is easy to upgrade to the next level - you need to drive 160 km with the app open.


When a driver has driven 160 km using Waze, he or she advances to the "Adult" level. This is the most common user rank. To reach a new higher level, you need to be active in the app, complete tasks and earn a lot of points.


A user at this level gets a Waze avatar with a shield. This rank is available to the top 10% of users in the region. If there is no activity in the app after reaching this level, it can be lost, giving way to more active users.


The icon changes to the Waze symbol with a sword. Only 4% of region leaders receive this rank. If you continue to receive action points and complete tasks, you will have the opportunity to move to the highest level possible on Waze.


At this level you get a Waze character with a crown. The King level drivers are just 1% of the most active users from the region.

Waze Points are for

Such an entertaining contest is created as a way to motivate Waze users, improve the service and refine maps.

Apart from the game element, Waze points system does not provide any significant advantages, but the excitement of the competition for the high level and the opportunity to make changes to the map attracts Waze users, making them choose this particular navigation app.


Why does Waze use points?

The point system helps develop and improve navigation in Waze. Through active user support, data on the map is refined and drivers receive timely information about traffic events. The more points a user has, the higher their status and the more privileges they have when using Waze features.

What are candy points and how do I get them through the app?

Candy points are a bonus for completing a certain task in Waze. Once you complete a candy task, you will get a bonus. In this way, you will earn extra Waze points.

You can get candy points in different locations if you achieve certain successes, so don't feel bad if you can't get candy points in a certain location.

Can I get a lot of points fast in Waze?

  1. The easiest way to earn extra points is by actively driving. This requires the Waze app to be running. You get 5 points for every mile you drive.
  2. You can also report traffic problems, accidents, and traffic jams.
  3. You can earn points for adding addresses to the map and adding information to existing locations. Use these ways to quickly improve your Waze score.

Can I trade points on Waze for money?

No, you cannot monetize your Waze ranking by exchanging points for money. All the points you earn will count towards your reputation and give you some benefits when you use the app itself.

How do I get sword as a bonus on Waze?

In order to get a sword you need to reach the top 10% of high scorers in your area. You can do this by actively participating in improving maps in Waze, adding important information, and reporting traffic incidents in your area.

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