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How to find the cheapest gas prices on Waze


The Waze app has many useful features related to navigation. There are hidden features such as offline maps. But today we will talk about how to use the Waze app to find the gas stations with the best prices.

This feature has been implemented in the navigation app for a long time, but maybe you didn't know about it. This way you can save a lot of money if you drive a car.

By using Waze, you will know where in the U.S., Germany, Canada or any other country or region to find a nearby petrol station with the best price.

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Can I trust the fuel prices listed on Waze?

The truth is all the information you see on Waze is approximate. You can often trust the information, but in some cases (this includes fuel prices) the figures need verification.

This is because gas prices are updated and verified by the users themselves. Waze prompts drivers to update prices - this notification occasionally appears when Waze detects that a driver is near a gas station.

Someone may have entered erroneous information; at some gas stations the data is simply not forwarded and has not been updated for a long time. In addition, some owners of commercial gas stations behave unscrupulously and intentionally indicate understated gasoline rates so that customers would come to them to fill up.

Tip. So look carefully at the comments, what users write about when there was the last update of fares. If you see that the data differs from the current one, do not be lazy to make corrections yourself, so that other drivers are not misled by it.

How to find the best gas prices

After Waze installation, activate your GPS and Internet, open the app on your phone. The next steps aren't too complicated.

To find out petrol prices on iOS or Android,

Step 1. Tap on the Where to?

Step 2. In the list, tap Petrol stations.

Step 3. Compare the fuel prices via the suggested list.

Step 4. Once you have found the cheapest and most acceptable option for you, tap on the item

Step 5. Then tap on the View routes button.

Tip. Always check the distance to the gas station. It may be that gasoline prices are the most favorable, but it takes a long time to get to the location. That way you won't save money on gasoline, but will waste time for the sake of dubious savings. Also keep in mind that some gas stations are advertised on Waze, so the top of the list may not be the most profitable fuel station, but just an advertisement. So pay attention to the numbers.

Changing the sorting method

To avoid sorting gas stations by price every time, set the necessary settings on Waze. How to set up sorting by price - from cheapest to most expensive fuel rates:

  1. Open My Waze.
  1. Tap on the gear icon to go to the Settings.
  1. In the Gas stations settings section, select Sort stations - Price.
  1. After you open the list of gas stations (see Chapter above), the list will be sorted by price.

Gasbuddy vs Waze

If Waze is not performing up to expectations, install Gasbuddy on your phone. It reliably displays gasoline prices that are checked regularly.

Gasbuddy, however, uses the same method: users update the information on a voluntary basis. The fuel price may also not correspond to reality. But unlike Waze, gas station owners are proactive and give Gasbuddy the correct prices when they are interested or able.

In general, Gasbuddy has a stricter approach to track gas prices, and there is no obviously incorrect data. Waze users sometimes give misinformation as a joke.


As has been said before, gasoline prices can be wrong. But you need to take into account the human factor. Also, the less popular the gas station, the more likely the fuel prices will be outdated = invalid. At the moment, this feature on Waze is rather experimental and need to be improved.

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