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8 Useful Apps For Drivers During a Trip

Author: Vladimir Brown
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Smartphones have become a crucial part of daily life for many Americans. They can improve their driving experience as well. Virtually all car manufacturers integrate the popular Apple CarPlay and Android Auto apps into their vehicles. These apps provide a plethora of useful features, including locating the most inexpensive gas stations and identifying picturesque rest areas. In addition to these valuable navigation tools, the apps can even recommend distinct destinations to visit during your travels. To enjoy a smooth and trouble-free road trip, we suggest exploring the 8 best driving apps for anyone embarking on a family vacation or group excursion.

1. Google Maps

Are you wondering: "What is the best app to use while driving?" Google Maps provides a comprehensive range of features, from navigation assistance to easily locating dining options. As a Google product, it offers a multitude of benefits such as access to Google Street views, enabling users to have a realistic impression of their destination prior to arrival. Additionally, Google Maps has an extensive database of commercial establishments, allowing users to easily search and discover businesses nearby.

2. iCall

A call recording application proves to be a valuable asset for drivers who are interested in recording calls during their journeys, including directions and hotel bookings. When using this phone recorder iPhone owners can record phone calls and save them for later use. With iCall, drivers don't need to worry about forgetting important details. This call recorder is highly beneficial for those who aim to preserve significant information. You can download iCall Recorder for iPhone from the Apple Store. With a free trial, users can record both incoming and outgoing calls without paying a dime.

3. Waze

According to stats, 70% of drivers use smartphones on the go. This navigation app provides turn-by-turn directions like its counterparts, but it also harnesses the power of user-generated data. This live data allows for dynamic rerouting to avoid congestion. "Wazers," as they are called, can also alert fellow users to potential hazards, such as hidden law enforcement or potholes. While some alerts may be less useful, such as every deceased animal on the Canada-bound portion of the journey from Nantucket, the app's benefits are undeniable.

4. Roadtrippers

This app lives up to its name by being an essential tool for long road journeys. Designed for spontaneous travelers who dislike sticking to a fixed schedule, it offers a range of features. It allows users to map out their journey and provides access to a vast array of searchable items, including hotels, campgrounds, and attractions along the way, with reliable reviews provided by other users. Essentially, it offers a combination of Yelp and Google Maps for people embarking on extended drives. Additionally, this app also provides the additional benefit of estimating your fuel requirements, making it a fantastic tool for both planning and budgeting your trip.

5. Repair Pal

According to researchers, 46.9% of drivers use a mobile phone with Bluetooth while driving. If your vehicle experiences difficulties when you're in an unfamiliar location, RepairPal is a valuable tool to prevent you from being taken advantage of. It is one of the best car apps, as it provides average estimates for the particular repair required for your particular automobile, allowing you to negotiate with confidence at the mechanic's garage. It also assists you in locating reputable auto mechanics in your vicinity.

6. GasBuddy

Many people want to know: "What are the top 5 apps for driving?" However, we decided to extend this list by including other handy options. Traveling by car can quickly become costly due to high fuel prices, but thankfully there's a solution. GasBuddy is a helpful app that offers crowdsourced, up-to-date fuel prices for over 150,000 gas stations in both the U.S. and Canada. Not only can you find the cheapest gas around, but the app also assists in locating gas stations and parking – a valuable resource in unfamiliar areas. GasBuddy is available for free download on both iOS and Android, and encourages users to submit gas prices they come across while on the road.

7. Roadside America

This app directs you to unforgettable stops. Not only does it guide you to these unique sights, but it also highlights interesting museums, picturesque murals, flavorful restaurants, and other photogenic spots.

8. PlugShare

Do you want to learn: "What apps do people use while driving?" Electric vehicles are becoming more common, but finding charging stations can be a challenge. Most EVs can only travel between 100 to 300 miles before requiring a recharge. That’s where PlugShare comes in. As the world's most popular charging station finder, PlugShare features a comprehensive list of 610,000 charging stations across North America, Europe, and beyond.

There are a variety of applications designed to make your road trips more enjoyable and stress-free. Whether you’re planning an extended drive or looking for roadside attractions, these apps can provide valuable assistance to ensure that everything runs smoothly. From getting up-to-date gas prices to utilizing iCall for preserving important information, you can use these apps to make your experience more enjoyable.

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