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Hyundai Android Auto Not Working [solved - 2023]

Author: Vladimir Brown
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Hyundai vehicles are known for their reliability and high build quality. The software installed in Hyundai is also, as a rule, free of complaints. But from time to time drivers complain about Android Auto not working properly.

The most common problem is AA simply does not start, the Hyundai screen does not show the app window. In this guide, we'll list all the ways to troubleshoot Android Auto related issues for Hyundai Tucson, Elantra, Sonata, Hyundai Santa Fe, and Hyundai Kona.

What Hyundai brands is this guide suitable for?

First of all, Android Auto problems are observed in the case of Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid, Tucson, Santa Fe. Although you can not exclude similar errors for other brands: Accent, Avante, Azera, Creta, Elantra, Grand i10, Grandeur.

👉 Check if your car is supported by Android Auto

All these cars are compatible with Android Auto. Accordingly, this guide is adapted specifically for these brands.

Phone compatibility with Android Auto

Older phones don't work with Android Auto. How do I check the Android version?

Step 1. Go to Settings - About phone

Step 2. Go to Software information section.

Step 3. Check the Android version line.

Here are the official system requirements:

  • Android 8.0 > for wired connection Android Auto
  • Android 11.0 > for a wireless connection

In any case, you can check the compatibility of your particular device with AA via the Google search engine.

Is the Android Auto app installed on your phone?

Hyundai may not have access to Android Auto on your phone if the app has not been installed or disabled by the user.

How to check:

Step 1. Go to Settings - Apps - Android Auto.

Step 2. If this app is not listed, open the Play Store and type "Android Auto" in the search box. Tap the Install button.

Step 3. If for some reason the Android Auto app was turned off, tap on Enable and then tap on Update.

Enable Android Auto in your car

The first time you connect your new device to your Hyundai computer, you must agree to run the Android Auto app. How to do this:

Step 1. Connect your phone to your car.

Step 2. The message Enable Android Auto (or Activate Android Auto now) is displayed.

Step 3. Confirm the connection.

Step 4. Agree with Android Auto conditions.

From this point, your phone is an authorized device for Hyundai, you do not need to do it again.

Use a quality USB cable

In order to connect Android Auto you need a quality certified USB cable. This cable connects to any USB port in the car (the dashboard and center console).

Usually using cheaper cables will cause Android Auto not to work, because

  • These cables are only good for charging your phone
  • Cheap USB cables fail quickly due to damaged connectors

Use a quality cable to transmit data.


  • Use a cable that is not too long (3 foot cable is not OK, use 1 foot if it is possible)
  • Try a USB cable from a brand like Target or Anker.

How to check if there's an error? Connect your phone to your car with a USB cable. If you see the Reading USB message on the phone screen, it means that Android Auto is working.

To be safe, connect another mobile device with the same USB cable. If there is no problem with connection and Android Auto does not start anyway, the problem is not related to the USB cable.

Mechanical malfunction and damage

Tips on how to fix the USB connection to Hyundai:

If you have a protective case on your phone, be sure to check that the USB cable fits into the phone jack and that there are no obstructions between the case, cable and phone.

Also it is advised to clean the phone jack from dirt and dust. You can do this with alcohol and an ear wand.

Another obvious way to do this is to visually make sure that the USB cable is intact and has no broken wires. This happens even with expensive USB cables.

If the mobile phone connector has failed, the phone should be repaired at a service center or eventually exchanged for another Android Auto-enabled device.

Make sure that Android Auto has access rights

Make sure that the Android Auto app has access rights to the vehicle's head unit.

You can set access rights the first time you connect your Android device to the car.

If you can't remember what access rights are set, uninstall Android Auto from your device and install it again - if possible, this trick is not possible on some Android versions and phone models.

By the way, the rights available can be reassigned:

Step 1. Go to Apps - Android Auto - Permissions.

Step 2. Check the Permissions.

Step 3. If necessary, restart the device.

Check Bluetooth pairing with Hyundai

If you are using a wireless (Bluetooth) connection to connect to your Hyundai, make sure it is active and you have connected your phone to the vehicle. To do this:

  1. Activate the Bluetooth connection on your phone.
  2. Go to Setup - Settings - Bluetooth - Bluetooth Connection on your car computer.
  3. Add your phone to the list of connected devices.
  4. After that, you can turn on Android Auto.

Here is the instruction on how to connect your phone to your Hyundai via Bluetooth.

Perform GPS calibration for Hyundai

It's quite difficult to overestimate the need to set up a GPS connection on Hyundai. Calibration allows you to:

  • check the functionality of your Android Auto app and navigation module (GPS receiver);
  • find the most favourable place to connect to the network with no signal overlap;
  • find out more information about satellites: their availability, country affiliation, and exact coordinates.

GPS Test is a perfect match if you need to test a mobile device running under the Android platform. The app is convenient because it allows you to check the capabilities of your GPS receiver without an Internet connection.

GPS Test uses the AGPS service for calibration, which in its turn corrects a bad GPS connection. The interface is more than merely intuitive if we can say so, which is definitely a significant advantage.

The app has six screens with the following information. Let’s highlight its most important features:

  • A chart illustrating the GPS signal strength for each available satellite in the list, as well as signal stability with the GNSS network;
  • A compass showing the position of satellites in the sky in the SkyView mode;
  • A regular compass helping with the navigation around an open area;
  • A map of the world and your current location as a specific place with a caption. You can also see the current position of the Sun and the transition curve between day and night on the map;
  • The current speed, altitude, and direction are displayed in text format;
  • Sunrise and sunset times in current coordinates; local time.

How to calibrate GPS connection on Hyundai

  1. Go to the needed section of the program called "Settings".

  2. Enable or disable continuous operation of the display during navigation.

  3. Specify the coordinate and date display systems.

  4. Choose the appropriate for you time, speed, distance and date format.

  5. Grant access to the app GPS sensor from the home page.

  6. Now you can switch between the satellites shown in the list by reading detailed information about them.

  7. You can find out your current GPS location in the form of longitude and latitude.

Download GPS Test

If the GPS Test app is incompatible with your device for any reason or you don't like its functionality, there are many equally effective counterparts. All of them suit perfectly the need to test and calibrate GPS.

For example, GPS Status & Toolbox provides its users with sensor and GPS data such as:

  • Satellite coordinates and signal strength;
  • Battery status;
  • The satellite speed and acceleration;
  • Altimeter and speedometer.

The app also allows you to reset or download A-GPS data via which you can adjust Android Auto app on Hyundai.

You can download the utility via the link

Enable GPS on Android

If Android Auto does not work in your Hyundai car, check if GPS Location is activated on your phone.

The way of turning it on doesn't vary a lot on different Android OS versions.

How to enable GPS on Android Auto:


Method 1

To enable GPS on Android Auto (Samsung Galaxy S20, 21, 22),

  1. Open the Quick Settings panel where all the main Android functions and features are located.
  1. Tap "Location" or "Location Data". The name may vary depending on the version of your mobile OS.

Method 2

Wait for the app to ask permission to track your geolocation and grant it.

Method 3

  1. Tap on Android Settings.
  1. Go to Biometrics and security - Location".
  1. Enable user location data by moving the "Off" gear to the right.

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