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Best GPS speedometers for Android, their distinctive features

GPS speedometer is a convenient program, mainly designed for Android and iOS, which allows to record the speed of movement while walking, running, driving, cycling, boating and etc. In order to start using such kind of program, you have to install on your smartphone a corresponding utility, launch it and enable GPS connection with satellites.

Best hiking gps apps for Android and iOS

Modern mobile phones are cross functional and multipurpose and these are their main benefits. There are a lot of apps useful for sport amateurs and in particular hiking and trekking enthusiasts. Today we're going to take a close look at a few products you're likely to duly appreciate while hiking or trekking.

Recommended apps:

Choosing the best navigation app for Android. Free GPS navigation apps

GPS navigation is among the most desirable features of a smartphone. While exploring a city, riding a car or bicycle, traveling and so on it's better to follow the most optimal route. Navigation apps can help you with optimizing auto and walking routes and getting to the desired location as fast as possible.

Free GPS navigators with offline maps for Android

We've previously talked about free GPS navigators for Android. Today we're going to choose the best navigation app by how it works offline, so you can use its maps without internet after enabling GPS connection on your phone. Let's focus on the offline features of navigators and maps that come with Android apps.