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Waze issues with Carplay: how to fix it on iPhone?


In this article we will list the main problems that have been noticed with Waze navigation app connected to CarPlay.

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User location not detected correctly

With the latest CarPlay updates, users have been complaining about various bugs. Waze connected to the iPhone 12, 13 or newer device cannot detect geolocation correctly. The navigator displays the same location for a long time, as if the driver is in a garage. At the same time, no errors are detected in the car dock.

Also, the main symptom is that the location marker hangs in one random place and does not move even if the vehicle is constantly moving.


  1. Kill the Waze app (close / open the app again).
  2. Restart iPhone completely (via Power button).
  3. Turn off GPS for about a minute and then turn it on.
  4. Move phone to a different location on the dashboard (iPhone may not be able to connect to the satellite).

Waze will not find your location.

In some cases Waze will not track your location or determine your starting point. Accordingly, vehicle movement is not shown on the CarPlay screen. The navigator will not respond to a location change while driving.


  1. Open the Waze app and specify a destination point (this is necessary for Waze to start determining the location).
  2. If you do not need to navigate further, just tap on Stop button to stop it.
  3. On the iPhone, switch on Airplane Mode for a while and then deactivate it.
  4. Kill the Waze app and restart the phone. Reconnect the iPhone to the CarPlay interface.
  5. Check your iOS motion and fitness tracker is turned on (turn it off through the main settings if needed).

Waze is using your car GPS not your phone's

Motorists have posted on forums that Waze is behaving strangely and may not find the location correctly (or may end up giving the wrong route. There have also been reports of Waze not realizing a car was traveling in the wrong direction.

CarPlay users have suggested that Waze is not using the vehicle's GPS correctly and/or is not working correctly when connected to the center console USB port. In fact, the assumption is incorrect.


  1. Move the car to another location and stop. The phone may be in a location out of reach of GPS satellites and just need to change location.
  2. Remove the Waze app from Carplay and reconnect it.
  3. Uninstall Waze via iOS main settings and reinstall to iPhone.

Waze hangs on CarPlay

Symptoms: Waze app is slow to load, screen image often freezes, windows open slowly, or Waze is slow to react to route changes.


  1. Reinstall Waze on iPhone.
  2. Update iOS to the latest version.
  3. You may be using an outdated iPhone device (system requirement mismatch).
  4. Use Apple or Google Maps as an alternative to Waze.
  5. To fix Carplay software problem - update the app or contact your car dealer.

Waze is not detecting your phone's Wi-Fi

When the Waze app is connected to CarPlay / car dock station, it cannot see the network. Accordingly, the navigation works unpredictably and malfunctions.

Most likely, Waze is mistakenly using the car Wi-Fi instead of the phone, or vice versa. The problem with CarPlay and Waze can be solved experimentally.


  1. Disable Wi-Fi on your phone and connect Waze to CarPlay
  2. Turn off Wi-Fi in CarPlay and turn it on on your iPhone

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