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Apple Carplay not working: how to fix on iPhone

Author: Vladimir Brown

This article addresses prevalent issues users face with the Waze navigation app when connected to Apple CarPlay. We delve into the reasons behind Waze not functioning correctly on CarPlay and offer effective solutions.

Table of Contents

User Location Not Detected Correctly

Recent CarPlay updates introduced several bugs, notably, inaccurate geolocation detection. Waze, linked to iPhone 12, 13, or newer, displays a stagnant location for an extended period, misleadingly suggesting the driver is stationary, even when in motion.


  • Persistent location marker in a fixed position.


Step 1. Kill the Waze app.

Kill Waze App

Step 2. Restart the iPhone entirely (via Power button).

Disable Location Services

Step 4. Relocate the phone on the dashboard to ensure a clear connection to satellites.

Waze Can’t Find the Location

Waze may fail to track your location or establish the starting point, resulting in the absence of vehicle movement on the CarPlay screen.


Step 1. Open the Waze app and set a destination to initiate location determination.

Open Waze App

Step 2. If navigation isn't needed, tap the Stop button.

Airplane Mode

Step 4. Kill the Waze app, restart the phone, and reconnect to CarPlay.

Step 5. Ensure iOS motion and fitness tracker is activated or deactivated per need.

Waze Isn't Able to Detect Wi-Fi

Waze, when connected to CarPlay, might face issues detecting the network, leading to unpredictable navigation malfunctions.


Step 1. Disable Wi-Fi on the phone and connect Waze to CarPlay via MFI certified lightning cable.

Disable Wi-Fi

Step 2. Turn off Wi-Fi in CarPlay and enable it on your iPhone.

Waze Uses Vehicle GPS, Not Phone's

Users reported Waze misbehavior, including incorrect location and route errors. Some claim Waze fails to utilize the vehicle's GPS accurately when connected to the center console USB port.


Step 1. Drive to another location, stop the vehicle, and allow the phone to recalibrate.

Step 2. Remove Waze from CarPlay and reconnect it.

Step 3. Uninstall Waze via iOS settings and reinstall it on the iPhone.

Remove Waze from CarPlay

Waze Hangs on CarPlay

CarPlay issues with Waze include slow loading, screen freezing, and delayed response to route changes.


Reinstall Waze

Step 2. Ensure iOS is updated to the latest version via Settings - General - Software Update.

Update iOS
Update iOS

Step 3. Verify if the iPhone meets the system requirements.

System Requirements
Use Alternative Maps
Use Alternative Maps

Step 5. To address CarPlay software problems, update the app or consult your car dealer.

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