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Best apps to track visited countries and cities on map

Author: Vladimir Brown

Travelers often look for an app that helps them make a list of countries they have visited. If the list is really impressive, it is very difficult to list these countries. It is impossible to list them from memory as well.

I myself often use such apps to structure information about my own travels and to keep up to date with what countries I have yet to visit.

There are travel tracking apps for both Android and iOS. Using them you can:

  • make a list of places you've visited,
  • compose a wishlist of countries to visit or where you really want to go,
  • to track visited countries on mobile phones.

However, it can be not only a list of countries, but also of states or individual regions.

Most visited countries' apps are free to use. On the other hand, some apps offer a number of interesting features in the pro version.

So, let's take a look at the mobile apps and focus on the most interesting features that will be useful to avid travelers. I tested all the apps myself, so you can trust the information presented here.

Table of Contents

World Traveller

App rating: 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱 4.6 out of 5


Price: Free / 1,29 € - 1,99 € (pro)


Developer: enoler

World Traveller is an app designed for travelers, facilitating the tracking of visited places and offering insightful facts about each country. It keeps statistics on all trips made by the user and is exclusively available for Android.


  • Details on visa requirements for each country.
  • Comprehensive offline database on countries, including population, currency, and passport comparisons.
  • Ability to mark cities on planned itineraries and future visits.
  • Social network integration for accessing information across devices.
  • Profile creation for storing and sharing travel statistics.
  • Search function for viewing and connecting with other users' travel statistics.

To show countries and places you've been:

  1. Select your country of primary residence.
  2. A list of all countries will open. The app will ask you to mark the regions you visited.
  3. On the world map, flags will indicate the countries where the traveler has already been. Additionally, a more detailed map with cities is available.
  4. To add a country or city tap on its name.
  5. There are several options for marking - for example, favorite or "would like to visit".

I have mixed impressions after using the World Traveller app. The interface is simple and intuitive. Features such as statistics tracking, passport and currency converter are available here. There are even several passport options for citizens of two countries. A dark mode is offered as a design theme.

I liked some of the app's features - the ability to track visited states in the US, as well as the visa verification tool.

However, there are a number of drawbacks. One of the main problems is the inability to manually mark a place on the map, and you can't do it with search either. Although the developer mentioned that this feature has not been removed, I was unable to access it, which frustrated me.

Another drawback, in my opinion, was the lack of separate regions and territories. The app doesn't allow for detailed tracking of places like Scotland, as these countries don't have their own flags. Also, the categorization of countries and territories sometimes seems awkward: for example, Puerto Rico was listed as a country, which did not correspond to its actual political status.

Overall, World Traveller has the potential to become my primary travel app due to its extensive features and user-friendly interface. A more accurate display of territories on the map and the ability to mark places manually would enhance the usability of World Traveller.

Download: Android

Countries Been

App rating: 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱 4.8 out of 5


Price: Free / 2,15 € (pro)


Developer: Daniel Knoblauch

The app creates a map of cities you visited. It also allows you to generate a personalized map of the world, which will display all the cities and countries visited by the user. You can view the created map and mark visited places, make beautiful lists and infographics.


  • Personal travel map creation.
  • Capability to track cities, areas, and countries visited.
  • Progress sharing with friends.
  • Quick access to information for trip planning.

To create a map of visited countries using Countries Been app:

  • Step 1. After the first launch, the app will ask the user to log in. A quick login via Google, Facebook or email is available.
  • Step 2. You can log in as a guest to get acquainted with the app features. If you sign in as a guest, the app will warn you that all the data you entered may not be saved.

  • Step 3. On the globe, select the country you have visited or plan to visit in the future.

  • Step 4. In addition, you will need to download data about a particular area from the network to your phone.

  • Step 5. Check one of the places - you live in, visited or plan to visit.

  • Step 6. Depending on the status, the country or city will be colored green, purple or yellow.

  • Step 7. The information will also be added to the special list.

I've been using this app for about a year now, and overall I really like it. It has become my second tool for keeping track of all the places I have visited, as well as those on my wishlist.

However, when using Countries Been, I have noticed a few drawbacks. First, the map may look less populated when the states feature is activated. I think it would be great if when activating the states feature, the app could fill the entire country in faded color and the visited states in full color.

Also, it wouldn't hurt to be able to color the countries I "want to visit" in different colors compared to the countries I've "been to" and "lived in".

Including controversial or less recognized regions, such as Transnistria or Abkhazia, would also increase the usefulness of the app, given the variety of places travelers visit.

In addition, the app could benefit from more detailed categorization within larger countries and more intuitive user interaction, such as easier tracking and listing of places visited without having to navigate through all the countries in the world.

Any locality, down to small villages, can be added to the base of the app, but I believe that Countries Been could use a more standardized approach to listing. Also missing is the ability to add personal notes or categories for places visited.

In conclusion, the app does a great job. Adding a regionalization feature, a little better navigation and adding notes would improve the usability of Countries Been.

Download for: Android, iOS

Scratch - Where I've been

App rating: 🐱🐱🐱🐱 4.0 out of 5


Price: Free / 3,49 € - 8,99 € (pro)


Developer: Zero Dawn Ltd

The Scratch app allows you not only to make lists of places you've visited, but also to plan trips and make personalized maps. You can easily track your travels on the customizable world map.

Scratch core features:

  • You can mark cities, countries and states on the map. The result will be formed as a beautiful map that you can share online with friends.
  • Curated lists - if you have no idea where to go next time, explore the lists of other Scratch users. Photos, text notes, and maps with interesting locations are available.
  • Memories - you can add photos and videos associated with the trip to the map. All the information is easy to arrange as a timeline - a sequence of events. It is especially convenient if you have visited several interesting places in the country.
  • Maps can be easily adapted to your taste - if you do not like the colors, the design, it is easy to change it.

One of the key features is the ability to mark the countries I've already visited, the ones I want to visit, and the places I've lived. Adding memories and photos to each place visited is a great feature that turns the app into not just a tracking app, but a personal travel diary.

However, there are a few points where I think the app could be improved. The app determined my citizenship based on my current location. This led to inaccuracies regarding visa requirements. Users should be allowed to manually select their citizenship.

The app's monetization strategy of requiring payment to unlock cities and other features seems limiting. It's understandable that developers need to generate revenue, but more flexibility or a lower price could make these premium features more attractive.

Uploading photos and memories can be difficult, especially without the batch simplified process of adding multiple items at once. Those travelers who have travel galleries consisting of thousands of photos know what I mean.

Overall, this app is fine with me. With a little tweaking in features and pricing strategy, I think it could be a great tool for world travelers.

Download: iOS, Android

Visited Cities

App rating: 🐱🐱🐱🐱 4.1 out of 5


Price: Free / 1,19 € - 3,69 € (pro)


Developer: Bolsos

Another app for creating a database of visited cities and countries. You can mark places you've been, add points to the interactive global map, view statistics by continents or states, share your achievements with friends through social networks, create a wish list and plan future trips.

Best features of the Visited Cities app:

  • Database of cities and countries: you can add visited places manually or use suggested names.

  • Detailed statistics: it contains not only the names of states, cities, but also the geographical location. You can see the location through Google Maps as a marker. Statistics are available as text information and graphs, which can be sent to other users for review.

  • Creating a wish list: add countries you have not yet visited to your wish list, then this data can be transferred to the list of visited places.

  • Quiz: take part in a quiz. It is available through the Visited Cities app. Thanks to it, you can improve your geographical knowledge, find out about new places you might be interested to visit in the future.


  • Small and unpopular towns are available
  • You can add photos of visited places to the database

Download for: Android


App rating: 4,6 out of 5


Price: Free / 4,99 € - 29,99 € (pro)


Developer: FindPenguins

The app allows you to create and show a map of travel and track every step. You can upload photos of places you have taken in random order. The app will automatically save them in a certain place by GPS coordinates.

Features of the FindPenguins app:

  • Automatic trip tracker. Phone will record all movements after the app is launched.
  • No constant network connection is required. Even if the Internet connection goes down, the data is saved on your device.
  • Creating a photo book. The app will add the photos taken to the book and provide them with descriptions.
  • If necessary, the user can add his/her own impressions of visiting a place.
  • Fully automatic creation of a travel map.
  • Convenient communication with the blog. All data in the app can be uploaded to your travel blog.
  • Interaction with friends. The app supports the function of subscribing to other users. You can always share impressions, beautiful photos with your friends.

How to create the map of visited places:

  1. After the first launch, the app will prompt you to familiarize yourself with the features or create an account.
  2. From the main screen, you can log into an existing account (if the user has registered before).
  3. For convenience, you can quickly create an account through Facebook or Google authorization.
  4. At the first launch, the user can see all the features of the app through a presentation.
  5. To start a journey, go to the "Track" section.
  6. After getting acquainted with the basic functions of the section, the user needs to create a new trip. You select the type of adventure - trip, vacation or short trip. Additional categories are available, you need to click on the "Advanced" button.
  7. All data about the trip is there, including the start and end date. Via the settings you can also enable or disable the trip tracker.
  8. Privacy settings are enabled - only you or all selected users of the app can see the trip.


  • Trip information is saved for offline usage
  • Ability to create colorful photo albums


  • Advanced interface
  • Some features are available in the paid version of FindPenguins

Download for: Android, iOS


App rating: 🐱🐱🐱🐱 3.7 out of 5


Price: Free / 1,79 € (pro)


Developer: Mapstr

This app helps to build your own map of the world based on the places visited by the user.

The main features of the Mapstr app:

  • Saving the names of visited countries and cities. You can also save the names of institutions, organizations in the form of a list, addresses, coordinates and points on the map.

  • Planning routes for upcoming trips. You can save bookmarks for the countries and places to visit and choose the best route.

  • Offline access: you do not need an Internet connection to work with the app. You can get a list of visited countries or planned places while you are offline.

  • Personal map of visited countries: create a custom map with routes, which will be available only to you or other users who have a link.


  • access to recommendations from friends,
  • easy planning and tracking of upcoming trips,
  • offline access to the app
  • the ability to create secret places that are not on the world map.

Download: iOS, Android

What is the best app to track visited countries?

Scratch is the best app to track places you've traveled. You can do it using special travel tracking features. It is extremely easy to keep chronology, then count visited countries and collect lovely places. The app will be useful for users who have traveled around the world and for those who are only planning to go on a trip.

The Countries Been app is the best social app for tracking the countries you've visited. It will be useful for beginners and experienced travelers if you want to use the step-by-step map setup. In the app, you can track your progress and share your achievements with your friends.

FindPenguins- the best offline guide to places visited. Works without Internet, offline. In addition to maps, you can add notes, notes, and publish entries in your own blog.

World Traveller - the most informative app for travelers to keep track of places, states and cities. Information is available for each country: guides, currency converters, dictionaries, addresses. There are also statistics on the places where the traveler has already been.

The Mapstr app will appeal to users who keep lists of visited countries, states, cities, collect interesting places, and plan trips. In short, it is a very functional and useful app for saving addresses on the map. In addition, Mapstr includes a powerful planner.

I'm Vladimir, your guide in the expansive world of technology journalism, with a special focus on GPS technologies and mapping. My journey in this field extends over twenty fruitful years, fueled by a profound passion for technology and an insatiable curiosity to explore its frontiers.