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How to use Google Maps and Android Auto on Toyota

Author: Vladimir Brown
Table of Contents

In the article, we'll show you how to install Android Auto in Toyota vehicles manufactured after 2020. We will cover the Toyota Corolla, however all steps are available for other models as the same system is used.

Note. Besides Android Auto, you can also use other GPS apps for Toyota for navigation, however there are very often problems with mimi. Therefore, we advise you to test the functionality of Android Auto.

Step 1: Projection settings

Step 1. First, make sure that Android Auto navigation is activated on Toyota. To do this, press the Menu button on the head unit.

Step 2. Then go to Setup.

Tap on General - Projection settings.

Step 3. Select Android Auto.

Step 4. Return to the Home screen by pressing the Home button on the Head unit.

Tip. Use the high quality USB cable that came with your Android phone to connect. Do not use a low-quality AA cable or charging cable to connect.

Step 2. Android Auto installation

Go back to Menu by pressing the button on the Head unit.

The Android Auto app does not usually need to be installed on your phone, as newer devices after Android 6 have the AA app installed by default.

If this is not the case, you can download the Android Auto app via Google Play.

Step 3: Grant permissions

Give the Android Auto app all the access rights that are requested when you connect via USB.

This includes contacts, messages, audio, apps, and other access rights.

Step 4. Connect Android Auto via USB

Connect your Android Phone to the Toyota car via an USB cable and USB connector, which is usually located under the head unit.

The Android Auto icon will appear on the screen, on the main menu. Tap it.

Step 5: How to connect Google Maps to Toyota

Once you have fully customized Android Auto through the head unit settings, the Google Maps app becomes available to you.

It is projected on the screen of your car.

How to connect Google Maps to Toyota completely:

  1. When you tap the Map button on the head unit panel, the Google Maps app will open.

  2. From now on, you can use the navigation and maps in your Toyota vehicle in the same way as on your Android mobile device.

  1. Tap the round button icon to return to the list of apps.

  2. Maps and navigation are also available via the Map button on the head unit panel or by tapping the Maps icon on the Apps screen.

  3. If desired, you can use the voice assistant by tapping the microphone icon on the right side of the bottom panel.

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