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Android Auto keeps Disconnecting: the causes & solutions

Author: Vladimir Brown

Constant unscheduled restart of an Android Auto is an annoying error. It puts you in a bad mood.

In this article, you will learn what to do if Android Auto keeps disconnecting. Let's try to understand this issue and look at the most common errors related to Android Auto service.

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How does the error look like

Android Auto restarting on its own may occur in the following way:

  1. The charge of the battery of your phone is enough, but an instant complete discharge of it happens and it's followed by the reboot of the device;

  2. The phone loses its battery charge faster than usual, after which Android Auto disconnects.

Quick methods of getting rid of Android Auto Disconnecting

Your phone may often restart or shows black screen while being charged. In such cases, we recommend using a "native" charger. Another type of failure is shutting off after installing/replacing a SIM or SD card. You have to change and / or perform a reflashing (update) of your Android OS.

Sometimes your device can switch off/on in the cold which is a short-term phenomenon. After entering a warm place the problem is solved.

Another kind of problem is Android Auto Disconnecting and returning to the previous state during a call or conversation. You can try disabling 3G network, resetting settings or changing your SIM-card, especially if it's of Micro-SIM or Nano-SIM format.

Your vehicle may not support Android Auto

You’re going to have to refer to your car’s manual or consult the dealer for this. Not all cars, even modern ones, are Android Auto (or Apple CarPlay) compatible. As a rule of thumb, cars from 2017 and later typically run Android Auto with Android 9.0 Pie and later devices.

Cars with outdated software do not always support Android Auto. Because of this, errors occur in the operation of this application. By default, older Lexus, Toyota, Citroën and other models do not support Android Auto.

You can fix Android Auto as follows:

  • read the vehicle documentation and ask if a firmware update is possible.
  • contact a service center and report the problem (you may be able to have the firmware replaced)

Why does your Android Auto restarts on its own?

There can be plenty of reasons for a sudden reboot:

  • mechanical damage,
  • software failure,
  • the problem with "iron",
  • sticking of the power key due to the improper operation of a device.

Before taking serious steps we advise going through the easier ones such as checking your phone for viruses or replacing its battery.

Note! If the power key is stuck (which is possible if you constantly press it with wet or sweaty hands), wipe it together with the contact points of the charger with a nail-polish remover without acetone, or better – soak them for 20-30 minutes in a solution.

Let's talk about the ways to resolve common problems causing a phone to crash. They can be performed on your own.

Getting a virus

Your phone isn't a device just for communication and entertainment, it can be a real "bank in a pocket". With it you can pay for purchases, make transactions with cards and accounts, etc. Not surprisingly frauds regularly come up with new ways to steal data.

To fix Android Auto issue:

  1. Download an antivirus from Google Play, if you haven't done it before. We recommend using Dr.Web, AVG AntiVirus or Malwarebytes.

  2. Run the antivirus and perform a full scanning.

Kaspersky Internet Security is a very well-known one with a good reputation, so let's talk about the process based on it.

  1. Tap "Scan" on the "Ready to scan" screen.
  1. Select the type of scanning: "Full", "Fast" or "Folder" if needed. In the first case the whole smartphone is scanned, in the second — installed apps and in the third — the folder a path to which you've specified.

  2. Wait for the scanning to finish. If any viruses are found, remove them.

  3. Check if Android Auto works correctly.


  • You can scan a memory card for viruses by connecting it to a computer via a card reader;
  • In order to achieve the best result, select "Real-Time Protection" from the sidebar menu and pay for the service (€1.99 per month / €10.95 per year).

Damaged USB cable

It is possible that the problem is caused by a faulty USB cable. This is especially common in situations where Android Auto used to work correctly, and then some time later it stops working.

If the USB cable is damaged, Android Auto will not work.

You can check if the cable works on any other device by connecting your phone to your PC. If it is not recognized as a device or does not charge your phone - most likely the problem is really related to the cable. In this case it is easier to buy a new USB cable.

Battery discharges

The battery can't last forever. With time or due to improper use of it your battery may wear out and as a result of it will need to be changed.

Battery replacement

It can be easily replaced in case it's a removable one. Buy a new one and replace the old with it, remember to pre-check its adjoining (for poor contact) and inspect it for any kind of deformation.

If your battery can't be removed, bring it to a service center for replacement or, if the period of warranty service hasn't expired yet, bring it to a specialized center where your battery will be replaced free of charge.

Calibrating a battery

It's not always necessary to change your battery immediately when your Android Auto disconnects on its own. Sometimes the only thing that is required is calibrating its battery. In order to do this:

  1. Discharge your phone completely, then turn it on again and wait for it to turn off;

  2. Insert a charger into a connector and leave the smartphone until it's fully charged (don't turn it on);

  3. Disconnect the charger and turn on your phone. If it isn't charged enough, reconnect the charger until the battery is completely full (100%);

  4. Disconnect the charger and reboot the device. If it still lacks charge, reconnect your phone to the power network. Keep on doing it until the charge level reaches 100%;

  5. Repeat the steps 1 and 2.

A failed software update

Android Auto can crash due to the software failure. In order to fix such a problem, you can roll back your phone to the factory settings or update its firmware.

Update Android Auto and OS

Often, Android Auto does not work correctly because the user has not updated the application on their phone. If disabling Android Auto happens on a regular basis, try the following ways to update.

First method: updating Android Auto

Step 1. Open the Google Play app

Step 2. Go to Manage apps and device

Step 3. In the Updates available section, make sure that Android Auto is available.

Step 4. Tap on the Update button.

Step 5. Wait until the update is finished and restart the phone.

Second way: Installing Android update

  1. Go to the "Settings";

  2. Select "Software update";

  1. Wait for the process to finish. If any update is found, install it (tapping on "Download and install").

Hard reset

Resetting (also known as Hard Reset) involves a complete data removal, so first of all you should copy all your data to a computer and, in addition to it, delete (i.e. disable) your Google account.

Hard Reset is performed in the following way:

  1. Go to Android OS Settings, then tap on "General management";

  2. Select Reset > "Reset settings" (or "Factory data reset");

  3. Wait for the process to finish. Re-configure the system.

Mechanical damage

A constant Android Auto shut off could be triggered after you drop your phone/hit your classmates with it/use it as a sports equipment. Which can lead to the damage of its printed-circuit board. A complete replacement or re-soldering of its elements might be required.

If none of the above mentioned methods help you to fix the problem, there is a high possibility that a constant reboot of your phone is caused by mechanical damage. You have only one option which is to bring your phone to a repair service.

By the way, your phone might also be constantly rebooting due to a factory defect. You have the right to terminate the sale agreement and demand a refund or replacement of the goods.

In any case, the decision will be made after a thorough examination. In the meantime, read the law "On consumer protection", pay special attention to the section on the return of technically complex goods.

I'm Vladimir, your guide in the expansive world of technology journalism, with a special focus on GPS technologies and mapping. My journey in this field extends over twenty fruitful years, fueled by a profound passion for technology and an insatiable curiosity to explore its frontiers.