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Are Streaming Services Taking Over the Cable?

Author: Vladimir Brown

Everyone is always on the lookout for ways to cut down on extra costs, and anything that burdens their budget. Lately, cable TV is being viewed as a non-essential element in people’s lives and all the credit for this dismissal goes to the rise of streaming services as the alternative.

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Nevertheless, it is still an ongoing argument that streaming services are taking over cable TV. The jury is still out on this. People are divided. But, according to us, YES, we believe that cable TV is being taken over by streaming services. Why? Well, allow us to explain. Read on to find out all we have to say in the defense.

Why Are Streaming Services Taking Over?

There are a few reasons that make us believe that streaming services are taking over cable by storm and why this transition is inevitable. Here is why.

1. The Availability of Wide Range Content

In terms of the content range, streaming services are rising to tough competition for cable TV.

With streaming services, you can watch dozens of series and movies, but with cable TV, you can also watch sports and read the news in addition to watching shows and movies. On none of the streaming services that are offered, you won't be able to watch sports, live events, or the news. But that was a thing of the past.

No matter what you like to watch, from TV series to sports even, everything is available on streaming services. Yes, you might have to switch between a few to get access to every type of content you like, but the freedom of watching anything at your own pace is surely crazy!

So, whether you are a fan of House of Dragons, Ms. Marvel, ESPN, CNN, or whatever, you can watch it all.

2. The Cost-Efficiency Is Unavoidable

Streaming is a great way to cut down on your costs. With cable TV you get a load of channels that you do not even watch and are just paying for them for no reason at all. On the other hand, streaming services allow you to get plans and channels that only you want to watch. Get content on-demand, make your bundles, and whatnot! It is all about your ease.

With streaming services, you can pay for what you would like to watch, making it easier for you and significantly unburdening your budget.

3. The Availability Of Several Streaming Platforms is Useful

Just like the cable TV market is full of prominent cable providers, the same is the case with streaming platforms now. With rising competition among themselves, it is only getting more useful for the viewers. Slashing prices, better discounts, or added features, the game is all about attracting more and more customers to streaming services.

This also allows the customers to pair up different platforms and create an unbeatable combination of content for themselves.

With even channels coming out with their streaming services, it is like a treat. You will not be missing the news or sports content anymore.

4. No Advertisements Hassle Is Simply Amazing

We never really understood how the advertisements took over almost all of our cable time, and we only got left with 15 minutes of content in between 45 minutes of commercials. It really makes no sense.

However, we do realize that it is not possible to charge less for a service and not be able to monetize from commercial breaks at all. Therefore, several streaming services offer free or low-cost tiers with advertisements. This way, you do not have to deal with the same heavy commercial breaks, and also you can pay less as suitable to your budget.

Closing Thoughts

The world’s move to streaming services is unavoidable. Cable TV, however, would not entirely go obsolete but we are certain that the number of streaming service users will only increase, and would significantly stay higher in number than cable TV users.

So, which one are you? A cable TV user forever, or are you rather inclined toward streaming services? Let us know in the comment section below.

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