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Best Apple Carplay docks for iPhone


In this review, you will learn which CarPlay Adapter is the best choice to connect your iPhone to a headunit.

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CarlinKit 3.0

CarlinKit 3.0 device

Although the CarlinKit is positioned as a car radio adapter brand, the device is well suited to work with CarPlay through the car's headunit.

With the CarlinKit 3.0 you can convert the connection to your CarPlay from wired to wireless. To do this, simply connect your iPhone to this device and it will connect to headunit itself via WiFi.

And you don't need to connect your iPhone via bluetooth to the car every time. The initial setup is enough. As soon as you get in your car, just connect your mobile device to the docking station and CarPlay will work.

Supported devices: any cars with Factory CarPlay integration and plug-and-play devices. Any iPhone older than iPhone 5 (iPhone 6, 11, 12, 13 and above) can be used to connect to CarPlay.

Useful features of the adapter:

  • Quick connection without a USB cable
  • Car navigation, music playback, voice commands - all features available in Carplay
  • Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth wireless support
  • Easy installation
  • Wifi connection to car headunit

The Carplay Dock device has good reviews and it works stably. 1 year warranty is provided after purchasing the adapter.

How the device works:

  1. You connect your iPhone to the docking station.
  2. CarlinKit connects via Bluetooth to the car,
  3. the CarlinKit transmits the necessary data to disconnect the wi-fi network
  4. The CarlinKit then connects to the Carplay.
  5. Headunit is completely ready for navigation. It can be operated via the touchscreen.

KONDBAM CarPlay Adapter

KONDBAM CarPlay Adapter picture

This adapter will also be useful for working with car PCs that have Factory Carplay. By and large, the main function of the device is to convert the wired connection to wireless. This method of connection is much more convenient for Carplay to work with iOS devices. All you have to do is plug your iPhone into the docking station, and it will immediately connect to the car's headunit.

KONDBAM CarPlay Adapter looks like a wifi router, although the functions are slightly different. You can place the adapter directly next to your computer, glove compartment, or any free area of the car where the device will not get in the way. You can even put the CarPlay Adapter in your pocket - and it will work from there, too.

CarPlay Adapter features:

  • Connects to your car's PC via 5GHz Wi-Fi (high-speed connection)
  • Voice navigation, calls to other callers, car navigation available
  • Touch screen support

Requires initial setup for operation. Details can be found in the manual of the device manufacturer. In brief, the installation process looks like this:

  1. You connect the adapter to your car's PC with a normal cable.
  2. Then you need to configure wifi and bluetooth connection by adding the device to the list of allowed.
  3. After presetting, you don't need to configure the adapter any more.
  4. Once you place the iPhone in the dock connector, Carplay will work.

The device has good reviews and the warranty is available worldwide for one year.

GCT Wireless CarPlay Adapter

GCT Wireless CarPlay Adapter image

Even though this adapter is not too popular, we paid attention to it. It is compatible with both Android Auto and CarPlay. The adapter requires,

  • Android Auto and CarPlay must be supported natively in the firmware, you can find that in the documentation of the vehicle.
  • It is desirable that the headunit supports touchscreen and gestures.

Carplay Dock installation is very simple:

  1. Connect the adapter to the car via USB cable.
  2. Open CarPlay app.
  3. Add a new route on the map through the headunit.
  4. Press the Go button.

In its characteristics the device is well enough equipped: 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM. You can insert a flash drive at 128G, also supports SIM-cards.

Available navigation functions: voice assistant, construction of new and alternative routes, media player control and Bluetooth music.

FEINODI Wireless CarPlay Adapter for iPhone

FEINODI Wireless CarPlay Adapter

This device differs from the above mentioned ones in that it is based on a special smart IC chip, which provides fast and stable connection to the on-board computer. The device does not need to be preset, it works on a plug and play basis.

The adapter connects to CarPlay wirelessly. You can use touchscreen, OEM knob control and other controls to control the application and navigation.

The navigation functions are as follows: route guidance, multimedia player control, voice navigation, message creation and call reception.

Connecting FEINODI Wireless CarPlay Adapte is very simple:

  1. iPhone is inserted into the adapter,
  2. WLAN and Bluetooth must be activated.
  3. After that, CarPlay is ready to work.

This adapter only works with CarPlay devices, it is not suitable for Android Auto. To interact with headunit, you need an iPhone 6 > and iOS 10 >.

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