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Captionista – handy subtitle editor for iPhone and iPad

Author: Vladimir Brown

Captionista is not quite the usual editor. The main purpose of this app is to add subtitle text to videos. This feature is very useful if you are creating training videos, screencasts where text comments and annotations are extremely important for learning.

The problem is that it's hard to find a mobile video editor with this kind of feature. All the apps have the disadvantage of having too many unnecessary features side by side and an awkward interface. These factors are very important for tutors and educators.

Captionista does not have these disadvantages. The interface is simple enough. A video with a timeline is available on the screen, with a script below it.

It can be edited in the course of playback. You can use the slider and control buttons to move to different parts of the video or loop the video to make changes.

Captionista also tells you if the subtitles are well adapted for reading: the text may be too short or too long for the given part of the video. This way you can control all mistakes and make changes at the right moment.

The app also offers many options that are familiar from other video and photo editors - changing colors, font formatting, background, theme and layout in general.

To speed up the process, the user can save a set of visual settings to a preset, and later use it to design other videos.

There's also a Pre-flight Check feature , which allows you to adapt videos with the formats of social networks like Twitter, TikTok, Instagram and others.

The app is available for iPad and iPhone. The free version has all the basic features. If you need more formatting options or need to remove watermarks, check out the Pro version. Subscription costs: monthly - $4.49; yearly - $21.99.

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