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The most convenient apps for tracking your location

Author: Vladimir Brown

In today’s modern world, one of the most crucial parts of our lives is tracking your location. Whether you are trying to monitor your fitness activities, find a newly opened restaurant, or simply want to share your location to your family and friends, there are several apps that can make location tracking simple. But with all of these convenient apps, don’t forget to always be safety with dedicated IP VPN. With a dedicated IP address, you can improve your VPN connection. It can enhance your internet speed and gives you more freedom on a shared server. Here are the most functional, effective, and convenient apps for you.

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Find My

Previously known as “Find My iPhone,” the "Find My" app is designed for Apple users who tend to misplace their device. This app is effective in locating your phone. At the same time, it can also help you in finding your friends and relatives, as long as their location is shared with you. With the “Find My” app, you can guarantee that you are always near with your loved ones literally.

Google Maps

Google Maps is by far one of the most efficient location tracking. This navigation app provides you with actual images from the streets, current traffic situations, as well as the most precise maps. To ensure that you will never get lost, you can download navigation apps. But if you want to reach destination B from destination A, then all you need is Google Maps. It has everything you need for tracking location.


If you love doing physical activities, then it is a must that you should install Strava on your device. This is the most effective app when you are biking or tracking your runs. If can offer you more details about your elevation, pace, and routes. In addition, it allows you to compete with others on certain parts. Just connect with GPS and Strava can provide you the accurate location tracking when doing your workout routines.


Looking for the most effective location tracking app for your family? If so, then you should try using Life360. It offers you some notable features such as a special button for emergencies, driving safety assessment, and shareable real-time location. This is a helpful tool for parents who are trying to monitor the whereabouts of their kids, especially when they are still trying to start driving.


One of the most well-known app for navigation is Waze. This app concentrates more on actual crowd-sourced traffic data. It can give you precise directions. Waze can also avoid you from traffic.


Aside from being an effective location tracking app, Zenly is also interactive and fun. It promotes social connections with your friends and relatives. It has unique features such as choosing your own avatar, storing your location history, and sharing your actual location. Zenly is the perfect option if you are looking for a playful way of tracking location.


Geocaching uses GPS on your device. It is an excellent app if you want to play treasure hunting game outdoors. Conceal caches in various locations. Then, the other players will find it through GPS coordinates.

Find My Friends

Find My Friends is not incorporated into Find My. But before this location tracking app is combines into Find My, it was a powerful standalone app. You can use it for monitoring your friends and relatives. Although it is a simple app, yet it is efficient in sharing your actual location to your friends and relatives.


Glympse is a notable location tracking app that concentrates on sharing actual location on a temporary basis. You can share your location to someone within a specific time or until such time that you have arrived at your intended destination. This is a great way of informing someone about your location while having your privacy.

Keep in mind that in this world where data security and privacy is a major concern, it is important that you must be responsible when using your location tracking app. Always be careful when sharing information about your wherebout. Also, be wary on whom you are sharing this information with. Before choosing an all, you should read and understand carefully the privacy settings to guarantee that your data is always safe.


Overall, location tracking apps are just so incredible. These apps can help you in navigating a new place. Parents can monitor their kids.

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