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Best GPS navigation apps for Lexus: iOS and Android


There are many mobile apps for Lexus cars. They make it much easier to use the basic functions of the car. Although you can do without them, we still advise you to take a look at the list of apps for Lexus that are responsible for GPS navigation, engine on and off, and access to the car in general.

Top apps:

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With this app, you can control Lexus vehicles from a distance.

What features are available to the Lexus driver:

  1. Remotely start or stop the car's engine. This feature allows you to prepare the car before the driver gets into it. For example, you can warm up the interior or just warm up the engine, turn on the air conditioning or climate control.

  2. Opening or closing the car doors. Why do it remotely? Imagine that you do not remember whether you closed the Lexus car after you left it in the parking lot. You do not want to go back and check. So you can do it remotely.

  3. Locating your car. Forget where you parked your Lexus? No problem. Open the app and the location of your car will be available on the map.

  4. Managing Lexus access rights. For example, you let a friend drive your car. With the app you can restrict him access to certain features and settings. Just change the car owner's profile - and use Lexus with full comfort.

  5. Diagnose your car and check its condition. Use your mobile screen to monitor your vehicle and diagnose errors and breakdowns.

  6. GPS navigation: you can add up to 20 destinations where simplified navigation will be available via a dedicated app.

Download: iOS | Android

This app displays all the information you need on your Lexus or Toyota. Scout GPS Link also allows you to control the functions of the car. You can open maps on the car screen, control multimedia, search for information about the nearest services along the route.

  • The map is available in 2d and 3d. With it you can plan routes, use navigation, search for gas stations and self-service stations.
  • Access to recent trips: you can track your GPS history, find out what time you were in a certain place. You can add Favorite Addresses to the map: home, work and so on, similar to Waze.
  • Quick access to voice navigation, visual navigation, easy search and switching color modes in different lighting conditions.
  • Adding quick access features - like navigating to home or work, multitasking (thanks to Split screen).
  • Route planner, real-time change tracking: traffic jams, accidents, etc.

Keep in mind that

  • active use of the app leads to quick battery drain both on iPhone and Android
  • the app only works with Lexus models manufactured after 2017
  • to interact via the Lexus on-board screen, you must connect your phone to your vehicle via USB cable.

Download: iOS | Android

Lexus Link also allows you to control the car remotely, use its most basic GPS features and navigation services.

Basic features:

Import/export GPS routes - you can build a route on your phone and send it to your Lexus head unit. The car will independently set the final point of the trip.

Search for your car on the map - if you lost your car in the city, you will easily find it by opening the map.

Fuel economy: use the hybrid functions at your discretion. The app will show you the best way to save fuel.

Search for services for car maintenance - car washes, gas stations and so on. The app will tell you when your Lexus should be serviced.

Keep in mind that Lexus Link services will only work on cars made after 2019.

Download: iOS | Android

Lexus Lounge

The app gives you a lot of information about your Lexus. It is convenient for communicating with service centers. Let's take a look at the app's main features.

  • Pre-booking before visiting a service center - simply select a day and time for an appointment.
  • Service information for your car - when the warranty expires, what mileage the car has, when you need to change the oil and refuel your Lexus. Last service time the car was serviced.
  • Access to promotions and discounts - Lexus Lounge app subscribers get access to exclusive bonuses.
  • Check your car's life cycle and get background information on how to fix bugs, run vehicle diagnostics.

Download: iOS | Android

Apple CarPlay

App page:

The CarPlay app is installed running in the iOS environment. It performs the following functions in Lexus vehicles:

  • GPS navigation,
  • Synchronization of various services,
  • Calls,
  • Multimedia control.

To use the app, you only need to use an iPhone 5 or higher with iOS version 7.1> installed. Also, Apple CarPlay only works when connected to your Lexus vehicle via USB cable.

More information on customizing and installing Apple CarPlay can be found here.

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