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5 Analogues of Google Maps That Can Be Even More Convenient

Author: Vladimir Brown

Google Maps is already an outstanding mapping and navigation tool, however, there are still a lot of Google Maps alternatives that are even more convenient or are much better due to several reasons. Most likely, your most preferred mapping and navigation tool will depend on how you use your maps or how you make plans for your trips. Are you using your smartphone or computer in planning out your trips? The following are some of the best Google Maps alternatives that you can use:

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1. Waze

If you look at the website of Waze, then you might not be able to see any web-based tool at all. All you have to do is simply click the Live Map link found in the menu. This web-based tool is designed as a supplement to your mobile app. With the help of the Live Map, you can easily find your desired destination and make plans for your routes. Just click the location on the map if you want to add destinations. It also includes a Waze Map Editor, allowing you to make some changes to your own map in any areas.

Compared to the other navigation tools out there, it’s more fun to use the Waze mobile app since it includes social integration with other users (also known as Wazers). Some people are wondering if Waze can show cops? With Waze, anyone can instantly share cool places, hazard warnings, police or traffic alerts as well as ask some roadside assistance or post photos.

2. MapQuest

MapQuest was launched about the same time as Google Maps was. Just like Waze, MapQuest also offers both a mobile app and a web-based tool. Using your MapQuest account, you can simply sync your planning trips between your smartphone and the web. The way how MapQuest works is just the same as how Google Maps works when it comes to finding directions and searching for locations. If you are using the web, then it can easily identify your current location using your IP address. However, if you are using your mobile, the GPS on your phone will be used. All you have to do is enter a certain location and click Get Directions to find out the route. If you use your phone, then be sure that you know how to protect your iPhone from hackers.

MapQuest will give you precise route directions that includes the distance, current traffic situations, and even an estimate cost of your fuel.

3. Bing Maps

One of the greatest rivals of Google Maps is probably Bing Maps. Nevertheless, Microsoft does not simply duplicate the Google Maps interface to make their app more competitive. Rather, they choose to create a new and fresh user interface that is very easy to use. Its API features also differs from Google Maps. At the top, you can see all the controls for sharing, traffic, directions, and more. Although the features that you can find in Bing Maps are just the same with the Google Maps, such as the streetside, aerial, and road layers. Aside from maps for driving, it also includes maps for walking and transit. It’s very easy to add the destination that you want along the route. You can simply print the map and use this as a guide for your trip.

4. Rand McNally

In the mapping world, one of the most popular names is Rand McNally since they are the publisher of map books. Check out their 99th Edition of the Road Atlas.

Even in this digital world, they refused to be left behind. Rand McNally provides users with online maps. It is very easy to use the Rand McNally online map found on their website. All you have to do is enter your destination and origin, then click Get Directions to find the exact route. The online Rand McNally maps are much the same with their paper maps since they are very detailed. In fact, you can even see the most obscure walking trails and the tiniest bodies of water. Although the map tool does not include walking and transit layers just like any other online mapping tools, however, it has an excellent satellite view so you can have a glimpse of the contour of the land. Although, the company also offers Rand McNally mobile app, however, the online map is more efficient when it comes to making plans for your routes to any destination.

5. Here WeGo

Although this mapping and navigation tool is not as popular as MapQuest or Google Maps, however, it has some distinct features. Despite the fact that the Here WeGo mobile app is more popular, it is still worthy to use the website tool if you want to take some time before making plans for your trip. The online navigation interface is fresh and simple, at the same time, it also includes excellent features such as several route options including taxi, transit, or even car-sharing. Just like Google Maps, it also has several layers including terrain, satellite, traffic, and transit.

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