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Best free services to generate QR codes for addresses on the map


Have you ever created a QR code for an address on the map? It's convenient: it is enough to bring the phone camera to the code, and after scanning the address will open on the map (Google Maps, Waze Live Map or other service).

In this article we will review the best free services for quick QR-code generation. This way you can create a link to the coordinates or show the exact address on the map including the house, street, city and country. Also, you can specify the address of your organization via a QR code and print a business card or brand-owned QR Code.

Here are the top services:

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QR CODE - Online

An easy to use and fast working QR Code platform. It makes it easy to create a code image in PNG format. It might be a plain link to a website, social networks, your profile or PayPal wallet. Obviously, the possibilities are not limited.

To generate a code for a specific location, address in Google Maps, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Select Type - Location.
  1. In the Content field, specify the address: street, house, country, city.
  1. Define the style of a custom QR Code: Background Color; Color and layout.
  1. A QR code will be generated, you can download it in PNG format by clicking on Download.


  • no registration required
  • all features are free


  • the ads are too obtrusive

Beaconstac QR Code Generator

As an exception, we will review a QR Code generator that provides paid services. It will be useful and convenient in case if $5 to $50 a month does not seem like a big expense to you. There is an API available for developers (if you are willing to pay $49 USD per month).

The minimum version of the service allows you to create 3 Dynamic QR Codes. It is possible to perform a total of 25,000 Scans. However, only 1 user can use the QR Code Generator.

There is a free version of the QR Code Generator. Using that, you can generate QR codes of addresses from Waze, Google Maps, or social networks.

Creating a static QR Code is very easy process:

Step 1. Open Google Maps, set the point on the map

Step 2. Copy the link to the clipboard

Step 3. Go to Step 4. Go to Location. Step 5. Paste this address into the Google Maps URL field

Step 6. If necessary, select other settings: logo, color, additional information, pattern. Step 7. Download the location QR code by clicking the Download button. Step 8. In the demo version you can choose PNG, with a subscription image formats are different: JPG, SVG, PDF, and so on.


  • 24/7 live support
  • QR code scanning statistics
  • GPS tracking
  • developer API for QR Code Generator


  • High subscription cost
  • Not optimal for one-time use

QRCode Monkey

Another free QR Code Generator for convenient creation of codes - by link, from text, email, for sms messages, social network profiles. It is clear that for addresses on the map you can also generate a QR code.

How to use it:

  1. Go to
  2. Open the Location tab
  1. Enter the address ("Search Your Address") or the coordinates ("Latitude / Longitude").
  1. Another option is to specify a point on the map. Use zoom to enlarge the area.
  2. You can customize the color, logo and design using the options below.
  1. At the end, click on the Create QR Code button.
  1. You can download the image by clicking on the Download PNG button.

Besides the web version, you can also use Chrome extension QRCode Monkey - Free QR Code Generator.


  • free service.
  • multiple data types to create a QR code
  • chrome browser extension available


This platform is suitable for generating QR code pics for Google Maps, as well as for points on the map in Waze. It is free, but for demanding users and developers there are many additional features to make life easier. The service is free after a quick registration at

In the free version you can:

  • create an unlimited number of Static QR Codes
  • use dynamic QR codes for links
  • use the code 1000 times (Scans per Month)
  • create 3D QRs
  • create codes for Cards, events, social profiles, business addresses for Waze, Google Maps

See other plans here.


  • no ads
  • lots of features in free version
  • interesting pro features

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