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Download Step Counter for Android

Author: Vladimir Brown

Pedometer monitors your daily physical activity and helps to keep leading a healthy life. It includes steps and calories counter which allows to create a schedule of physical exercises, set goals and monitor the progress of their achievement.

It's enough to launch Step Counter once and give it permission to run in the background. The app will keep recording the steps you take and send you notifications of progress towards your daily goals. 

Next let's talk about the most important features of Step Counter. 

Counting steps

The pedometer runs in the background, recording the number of steps taken, the meters/kilometers traveled and the time spent walking. 

Hold the phone in your hand or pocket while walking and the app do its thing.

Weight control

The app monitors the changes in weight and calculates the body mass index, based on the data entered by a user.

Water balance monitoring

The "Drink water" feature allows to set goals for daily fluid consumption and receive notifications about it.

You can download the pedometer from Google Play via the link below. 

Viewing statistics

The "Report" tab displays statistics for the past week and month, allowing to assess your progress. For an additional fee, you can get a detailed training plan for achieving the desired result, whether it's losing weight, keeping trim or promoting health.

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Download Step Counter-Pedometer

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