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Pedometer-step counter (Zeopoxa)

Author: Vladimir Brown

"Pedometer-step counter" is an app for those people who want to monitor their activity throughout the day.

The app is quite simple with intuitive user-interface which even a person who is far from fitness bracelets and other gadgets can easily use.

Counting steps

The most useful feature (actually the one the app was created for) is the counting of steps. On the main screen you will be able to monitor how many steps you've walked (kilometers) and calories you've burned. You can also view your traveled route.


If you've set a clear goal, for example, to take at least 10 thousand steps or walk more than 7 kilometers per day or you want to track your activity on the days of the week in order to make changes in your daily routine, then there is another useful feature of Pedometer which can help you with doing it. You can read this data in the "Statistics" and "History" tabs.

Additional apps

The app by Zeopoxa developer has one undeniable advantage: in the "More apps" section you can find other useful software for those who dream about leading an active lifestyle. 

How to work with "Pedometer-step counter"

  1. Install the software on your mobile device;
  2. Turn on GPS;
  3. Specify some data in the settings (such as your year of birth, weight and height which are required for a more accurate counting of burned calories);
  4. Configure the settings recommended by the developer for battery and screen;
  5. Grant access to the required gadget features;
  6. Press "Start".

Where to download the app from

The app can be found 

  • in Google Play by entering "Pedometer-step counter" in the search bar (please note that the developer name is Zeopoxa);
  • via the specified link:

Download Pedometer

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