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Navigator for a mushroom gatherer Lite

Author: Vladimir Brown

If picking up mushrooms and walking in the forest is your hobby, then this navigation app for a mushroom gatherer running under Android will be useful to you.

Mushroom gatherer navigation app will mark the coordinates of the forest landmarks. For example, sometimes you need to remember the place where you've left the car. Or you accidentally got on a hidden road and discovered a whole field of mushrooms. Also, this service will be useful when moving around an area with no landmarks.

The main functionality of this navigation app:

  • saving the photos, descriptions and exact location of a particular place
  • backing up marked places on an SD card or to Google cloud service;
  • supporting voice assistant when mapping a route to the desired location;
  • sending messages with your current coordinates via different messengers.

The app has two versions: paid and Lite. Their features are the same, but via the free service you can save only 5 places.

In order to launch this navigation app, download it from Play Store via this link. While using the service, you have to maintain constant Internet access. Solid GPS satellite signal is no less important.

The app sections

Navigator for a mushroom gatherer interface is pretty intuitive. It's quite possible to learn how to use it in 1-2 minutes.

There are six modules in the app:

1. Map – if you need to build a route and check the exact coordinates of a place.

2. My places – if you need to open a list of all your saved points (up to 5).

3. I'm here (SOS) - if you need to send a message with your location.

4. New location – if you need to add a place.

5. About the app –if you need to view more information.

6. The settings – if you need to adjust voice prompts, etc.

The following apps: "I'm going home!", "GPS Compass Navigator" and "GPS Tracker" can be called Navigator for a mushroom gatherer counterparts. The main differences are the presence/absence of a built-in compass and capability to work in battery saving mode and without an Internet connection.

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