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Apps and services to keep track of visited states in the U.S

Author: Vladimir Brown

In this article, we've compiled the best services and apps to check off U.S. states visited.

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Apps and sites are indispensable when traveling. Facilitating navigation, finding places of interest, reviews of hotels and vacation areas - all this is the merit of modern services. But they are useful not only during the trip. For avid travelers, it's important to mark places they've been before, keep statistics and share them with friends.

Traveling to the U.S. often requires the use of separate services. After all, states or unique attractions are not displayed everywhere. To this end, many sites and apps have been created, both for simple note taking and full-fledged note taking, goal setting, etc.

Three of the most popular state counter apps are 'Places Been - Travel Tracker', 'Countries Been: Visited Places', and 'Visited: Track Your Travels'.

Visited states map

Convenient minimalist site to track states visited. No extra functions - only a list of visited states. It is possible to mark states with an interactive map and a table. If you put the cursor on the interactive map - it displays the name of the state.

The map can be scaled, colors and design can be changed. After creating it, you can download the picture, share it in social networks or place the link on your personal site.

** Cons**:

  • The site is not suitable for real-time tracking, it's just creating a picture as a "recap".

Create Your Visited States Map

Another site for creating a map of visited states in the United States and then publishing it. Visited states are not just displayed on the map, but also marked with different colors:

  • Red - have been through or haven't spent much time;
  • Orange - spent at least a night;
  • Blue - spent a lot of time;
  • Green - spent a lot of time sightseeing or returning several times.

U.S. states not visited are grayed out.

Colors can be customized in the palette section. You can share the map by saving it in PNG format, sharing it on social media, or as a link.

The app is available in the Appstore for iOS.


  • The service is not suitable for real-time tracking.


A site with a less aesthetic design than the previous ones. However, it is also capable of creating a map of visited states. You can mark a state by clicking on the interactive map or using the buttons above it. The name of the state is displayed when you hover your cursor over the map.

You can share the created map on social networks or copy it to your website. MapLoco service works not only with the U.S., but also with Europe, Asia and many other places.

Visited States Map

A minimalistic to track states and countries visited. It has a nice blue and white palette that can be changed in the settings. Of the features - the abbreviated names of the states are marked directly on the interactive map, which facilitates orientation. When pointing the mouse you will see the full name.

You can also check off places you've visited by using the checkboxes in the list below.


  • The finished map is available for downloading or posting on the site.

USA tracker

Mobile application to keep track of states visited for Android. After launching it, an interactive map of the USA appears, and when you click on it you can see the name of the state and its flag. The state is marked with a click on the button.

In the upper left menu you can see the "cities" section. The map will show all the cities in the United States. You can see them in more detail in zoom mode. When you click, you will see the name of the city and a caption to which state it belongs. Cities can also be marked as visited.

If it is inconvenient to mark states through the map, you can choose the section "lists" and do it through the table. However, there are no cities in the table - you only interact with them via the map.

The app keeps statistics on how many U.S. territories you've visited and how much of the world you've explored. The app also has an achievement system, such as "visit Alaska."

In the settings, you can choose a light or dark theme.

Places Been - Travel Tracker

Android state counter app with more than 100 thousand downloads. Compared to previous services, the functionality here is more extensive.

The app is not only suitable for tracking travels in the U.S. states, but also around the world.

When you start it, it opens a map of the world, which displays landmarks, cities, tourist areas, etc.

The city sections have a handy search button. Visit marks are performed in different colors.

On the home page you can select a list of cities, airports, states, UNESCO attractions, etc. to display. The app also maintains statistics for the best attractions based on user reviews.

Countries Been: Visited Places

The first time you launch the state tracker app, you'll be prompted to create an account or sign in through third-party services. It is not necessary to do this, but it is recommended to prevent data loss.

The main page contains a 3D model of the Earth, which you can rotate and zoom in on. The names of countries do not appear when zooming in, but you can read the information using the button in the upper right corner. You can read information about the capital, population, etc.

The app collects statistics on the places you have visited, both countries and cities. You can download additional information about visited countries within the application itself.

If you choose the U.S., it is recommended to download the location of the states separately. The pop-up bar will help you with this.

Visited: Track Your Travels

In order to track visited states, you must register via email and also agree to be sent information. After that you have to choose a country and a city where you live, as well as previously visited countries.

After this you will be redirected to the interactive states traveled map. The countries are displayed in the following colors:

  • Yellow - country of residence;
  • Red - the country you want to visit;
  • Blue - country you have already visited.

The app is not able to track states separately. It only involves visiting countries or cities. However, cities are only available with a paid subscription.

The app also has goals that you can meet when you visit a country from the "want to visit" list. Below are statistics on the most visited places from your country and the percentage of how many countries in the whole world you have visited.

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