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Ranking the Top Navigation Apps for Dubai Metro with Offline Maps

Author: Vladimir Brown

This article presents GPS navigation apps such as RTA Smart Drive,, and Dubai Metro Map as alternatives to Google Maps for users in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE.

Since users often have problems with the subway, not only navigation apps but also Dubai Metro guides are on the list.

Table of Contents

These apps provide an alternative to Google Maps for users in Dubai and UAE, with each app having its unique features suitable for different types of navigation needs.

Which map is best for navigation in Dubai?

Maps.me4.3 out of 5Android, iOSFreeMAPS.ME (CYPRUS) LTDOffline mode for saving mobile data. Supports detailed OpenStreetMap offline maps. Easy access to popular places like Bur Dubai, Burj Park Downtown, Corniche Dubai, Burj Khalifa, and International City.
Map of UAE offline4.4 out of 5AndroidFreeMap AppsOffline mode. Saves mobile data in roaming. Nice, stylized map interface for easy navigation. Search by coordinates and distance measurement with a ruler. Marked significant places like pharmacies and hospitals.
Offline Map of Dubai4.1 out of 5AndroidFree / €4.69 per itemAerostatmapsFunctions as both a map and a guide to landmarks. Ideal for first-time visitors with information on iconic places. Built-in navigator for routing to specified locations. Design similar to Google Maps with English names for landmarks. No need for numerous permissions during installation.
RTA Smart Drive4.6 out of 5Android, iOSFreeRTA-ITSActs as a regular GPS navigator with offline capabilities. Detailed maps of Dubai in 2D and 3D, traffic event information, and accidents alerts. Built-in route planner and Dubai Metro Transit timetable and map.
Dubai Metro4.3 out of 5Android, iPhoneFreeMap AppsDetailed subway map/scheme with station names and intersections. Allows route planning and displays information on metro stations.
Dubai Travel Guide4.4 out of 5Android, iOSFreeCityMaps2GoOption to download offline maps or use online mode. Offers a version with a wiki assistant or classic maps. Allows adding places to favorites and locating places using coordinates. No built-in navigator for route planning.
Dubai Metro Map4.7 out of 5AndroidFreeΒ Subway Maps by LithoByte, Co.Simple app providing a map of the Dubai Metro. Quality map without interactivity, settings, routes, or geolocation features.

Consider the following options based on your needs in Dubai:

  1. Offline Map of Dubai: A simple, minimalist app with offline maps (Android only).

  2. Dubai Metro: Useful for tourists navigating the confusing Dubai Metro system.

  3. Dubai Travel Guide: Offers guidance to major tourist destinations, free and versatile.

  4. RTA Smart Drive: Detailed maps, taxi booking, payment, traffic alerts, route planning, and Dubai Metro info.

  5. OpenStreetMap offline maps with detail for popular places.

  6. Dubai Metro Map: Simple app provides a quality map of the Dubai Metro.

  7. UAE offline map: Access maps of major cities in the UAE.

App rating: 🐱🐱🐱🐱 4.3 out of 5


Price: Free


Developer: MAPS.ME (CYPRUS) LTD is a GPS navigation app with OSM-maps for GPS navigation in Dubai. It is a great solution for users who need offline mode and want to save their mobile data in the UAE. supports OpenStreetMap offline maps that are usually made with a good amount of details. Ordinary users are involved in the development of these maps, and some are of better quality than Google Maps.

In particular, through, it's easy to access popular places like:

  • Burj Park Downtown
  • Corniche Dubai
  • Burj Khalifa
  • International City

By the way, using map, you can find a road or a track that is absent in other navigators.

Offline mode is handy to use in Dubai as you can map a route with no internet connection on your phone. To do this, download the map to your device via the menu.

The second option is to go to the desired location and bring it closer. This part of the map will be downloaded to a phone cache. Offline maps take only a few megabytes.

Downloading an offline map of any city in UAE:

Step 1: Install on Android or iOS.

Step 2: Launch the app and enter the name of the city in the search box, for example, "Dubai".

Step 3: Zoom in on the point on the map.

Step 4: Enter the name of the point of interest, for example, Bur Dubai.

To zoom in on the location, tap on the "View on map" link.

Step 5: Next to the name of the place, you'll see its coordinates, which you can share with other users.

Step 6: If you want to use public transport, select a subway station.

Step 7: On the map, you can display cafes, restaurants, public places, hotels.

Step 8: There are also various settings: display objects in 3D, application behavior, routing options, etc.

Step 9: Settings for offline maps are collected in the Internet section: Auto download for auto-download maps and Mobile internet. The option can be deactivated so that maps are not downloaded in roaming mode.

Step 10: In the Offline maps section, you can see a list of all downloaded maps in

Conclusion: is a useful application for offline navigation in almost any UAE city. You can use the maps for walking, for taking a cab, as well as when using public transport. Our test showed that is easy to use because of the excellent interface, which does not change in different modes and does not mislead, while the app looks quite modern.

It also provides turn-by-turn directions, route optimization, and other useful features like traffic updates and points of interest. It is regularly updated with the latest map data, making it a reliable and accurate navigation tool for exploring Dubai and other UAE cities.

Our final rating is 5 out of 5.

Download Android | iOS

Map of UAE offline

App rating: 🐱🐱🐱🐱 4.4 out of 5


Price: Free


Developer: Map Apps

A good quality navigation app, working in offline mode, which greatly saves mobile data in roaming.

A map with a very nice, stylized map interface that allows you to easily navigate in a large city. Signatures, alas, are missing, so you have to look at the shapes of houses. For example, there are no building numbers or names of stores. Although significant places, such as pharmacies and hospitals, are still marked.

There is a function of searching by coordinates and measuring the distance with a ruler.

The app does not show places on request - only maps such as Arjan, Downtown, International City, and Bur Dubai.


  • Simple and intuitive interface;
  • Design for fans of classic maps


  • Too many permissions for the map app;
  • Lots of ads. It pops up the first time you run it as an unmissable banner.

Download link: Android

Offline Map of Dubai

App rating: 🐱🐱🐱🐱 4.1 out of 5


Price: Free / €4.69 per item


Developer: Aerostatmaps

The app is not only a map but also a guide to the sights. Great for users who are going to visit the country for the first time and do not know where to go. There are not so many places here, and it will be hard to find unpopular places. But marked all the "iconic" places.

Among the attractions that can be found on the map, we note the following options:

  • Palm Dubai
  • Old Town
  • Abra
  • Al Qudra Lake
  • Arjan area, etc.

The design is similar to Google Maps. Most of the names are in English, but the sights and their descriptions are mostly in English. So, people who do not know the language are recommended to download a screen translator.

The app has a built-in navigator that allows you to lay a route to the specified location (for example, Downtown Dubai, International City, etc). The route is laid both for pedestrians and motorists.

Before downloading, note that routes can only be created in online mode. To access maps offline, you'll need a premium subscription. Its price varies depending on the region.

There are few items in the settings. You can change the language of the app and select the units of measurement - miles or km.

Also, a big advantage for many users is that there is no need to give a bunch of permissions when installing the app for the first time, enable geolocation, etc. Permissions only need to be issued when you are already using the navigation directly.


  • The work in an offline mode;
  • No ads;
  • Minimum of permits;
  • Section with sights, when you click on which appear their miniature photos.


  • A variety of important premium features.

Download link: Android

Technical requirements:

  • Android version - 6.0 or later
  • Free memory on your device - 253 MB or more

RTA Smart Drive

App rating: 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱 4.6 out of 5


Price: Free


Developer: RTA-ITS

The RTA Smart Drive app will help you if you have not purchased a local SIM card and want to move around Dubai or the Arab Emirates by cab or on your own.

RTA Smart Drive works like a regular GPS navigator and has all the necessary offline features: voice navigation, search for optimal routes, POI, and speed display.

App features:

  • Detailed maps of Dubai available in 2D and 3D (Arjan Dubai, Downtown, International City)
  • Choosing the best price for taxi service
  • Traffic event information, accidents alerts
  • Built-in route planner
  • Online speedometer and speed limit
  • Dubai Metro Transit timetable and map

We recommend RTA Smart Drive as an alternative to Google Maps. Be sure to download the necessary maps of Dubai or other cities (Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman) in advance before using the app. Otherwise, offline navigation will not work.

Download: Android | iOS

Dubai Metro

App rating: 🐱🐱🐱🐱 4.3 out of 5


Price: Free


Developer: Map Apps

Dubai Metro displays a detailed subway map/scheme with the names of the stations, intersections, and also allows you to build routes. The app is perfect if you have already chosen a navigator for yourself, but for some reason, it does not help you to navigate in the subway so well.

At the first launch, you will be offered to download the free or VIP version. A paid subscription frees the user from advertising and provides a few additional features.

The free version has a small advertising banner, which is always located at the bottom when the Internet is on. On the main screen is a subway map; you can generally navigate by it and without geolocation.

You can upload your home and work to your favorite places. This is where the functionality of the app ends. It is quite small and fully justifies its name.

List of available metro stations (metro station map): Abu Hail; Al Nahda; Al Qiyadah; Baniyas; Emirates Towers; GGICO; Ibn Battuta; Oud Metha; Sharaf DG.


  • applicable to strangers
  • fare details and exact time of trains


  • lack of pricing and ticketing information
  • poor explanation of journeys and transfers

Download link: Android | iPhone

Dubai Travel Guide

App rating: 🐱🐱🐱🐱 4.4 out of 5


Price: Free


Developer: CityMaps2Go

The app mentioned above is currently the most popular among English-speaking users.

When you first launch the app, you're given the choice to either download offline maps or use it in online mode. Additionally, there's an option to download a version that comes with a wiki assistant or stick to the classic maps. The map design closely resembles that of Google Maps.

While the app doesn't boast a multitude of features, it does allow users to add places to their favorites and locate a specific place using coordinates. Notably, there's no built-in navigator, meaning you can't plot a route from point 'A' to point 'B'.

In the Wikipedia section in the upper right corner you can find a list of interesting places. In addition to points of interest, you can find there links to canteens and restaurants and their reference numbers. But you will not see their positions on the map. Photos are also not attached.

Download link: Android | iOS

Dubai Metro Map

App rating: 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱 4.7 out of 5


Price: Free


Developer: Subway Maps by LithoByte, Co.

This app is perfect for users who, for various reasons, couldn't locate a subway map in the public domain. However, it's worth noting that the app lacks interactivity – no clicking or button functionality is available. The screenshot provides a comprehensive view of the entire functionality of the Dubai Metro Map app, which includes no settings, routes, or geolocation features.

Download link: Android

Google Maps

Google Maps is another venerable offline navigation app supporting offline mode in UAE abd Dubai.

Here are some handy features of offline Google Maps:

  • Before saving, you have the flexibility to pan and zoom the map.
  • The maximum size for an offline map is approximately 30 square miles.
  • When saving a map, you can assign it any title you prefer. We recommend giving it a clear title for easy deletion or to quickly check if your desired city is among your saved maps.
  • Each map requires a specified expiration period, ensuring you keep it up to date. Check for relevance and updating the files as needed.

Once you delete a Dubai map, you won't be able to use it offline until you download or update it again.

To check out your saved offline maps in Google Maps:

  1. Open Google Maps on your Android device using your usual account.

  2. Head to the app's main menu, found in the sidebar. Just click on the button with those horizontal bars.

  3. Locate and open the "Offline maps" section.

  4. For each of your offline maps, you can choose from a set of actions: Download, View, Rename, or Delete."

Google Maps lets you navigate in the UAE even without an internet connection, but there's a limitation for both Android and iOS versions.

You can only save specific sections of a map (such as one or more cities) for offline use, which might not provide enough detail for drivers who often need more comprehensive information.


Is Google Maps working in Dubai?

You can fully utilize the Google Maps app on both iOS and Android. Download maps of Dubai or any city in the UAE and use them offline with all landmarks, stores, street names, and other details available. There are no restrictions when using Google Maps in Dubai.

How can I download Google Maps offline in Dubai?

Here's a step-by-step guide to getting an offline map:

  1. Download the Google Maps app.

  2. Open the app by tapping on the icon.

  3. Search for 'Dubai' and tap on the result.

  4. Pull up the curtain and tap on the 3 dots icon.

  5. Select Download offline map.

  6. Choose the area on the map you want to make offline.

  7. Tap the Download button.

  8. The map will be saved to your phone and accessible through the Offline maps section.

  9. Keep the Dubai map up-to-date by timely updates before each trip to the UAE.

For detailed instructions, check out this guide on downloading Dubai maps to your Android or iPhone.

How can I use offline maps in the UAE?

Offline navigation is possible in major UAE cities. Install the UAE offline map app, containing the best maps for travel across the UAE. Save a map for offline use by following these steps:

Step 1. Connect to any WiFi network and open the Google Maps app.

Step 2. Sign in to your Google account.

Step 3. Find the city or location you want to save.

Step 4. Tap the bottom panel of Google Maps, displaying the name of the location.

Step 5. From the upper right corner, access the menu with the option to save offline maps.

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