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How to watch YouTube video on CarPlay, guide-2023

Author: Vladimir Brown

In this video you will learn how to launch a Youtube app and watch videos from the Internet on the screen of your car entertainment system.

The thing is that Carplay doesn't have a built-in feature for launching Youtube. Also, it should be understood that the head unit itself is significantly limited, so drivers cannot watch videos on the car's computer screen.

Playing Youtube videos is possible in any Carplay-enabled car via the CarTube app. We will demondtrate you how to install it and connect it to your car to watch Youtube videos.

This method works perfectly without jailbreaking. You don't need to modify Iphone firmware to access Youtube viewing features on iPhone.

Table of Contents

Install TrollStore

What is TrollStore? It is an app that allows you to install any unofficial apps on your iPhone. You need to use it carefully as installing uncertified apps can cause iOS errors. Also, unverified iOS apps may contain viruses and other unsafe software.


Open the Safari browser.

You will need to install the TrollStore app from the link.

You can find it on Github. The link to the app is available below.

In the tallbiz on the TrollStore page, search for the desired iOS version.

A link to the version of TrollStore compatible with your iOS version will be available in the column on the right.

What iOS versions is the app available for? Currently, iOS 13.7 through 15.6 are supported.

How do I find out the iOS version on my iPhone? It's very easy. On your iOS,

  1. Go to Settings - General
  1. Under the Software version, you will find a number that tells you the iOS version on your iPhone.

By the way, you can easily update iOS using the Software Update feature on the previous screen.

So, from the table on the TrollStore page, select the desired version and install TrollHelper OTA.

After that, the GTA Car Tracker app will be installed on your iPhone.

Launch this TrollStore app.

Go to Settings.

Click on the Install idid button;

Install Cartube

Next you need to install another app - Cartube itself. It is needed to run the Youtube app on the iPhone and then project it to Carplay on the car.

Cartube app features:

  • full screen video viewing
  • touch interface support
  • premium features support: ad-free viewing
  • user account login
  • channel subscription
  • youtube video search
  • full support for playback functions via youtube player

Here's a link to the Cartube app:

(the app supports iOS 14.0 - 15.4.1)

Tap on Cartube.ipa and the Download button to install the app on your iPhone.

In Safari browser, go to Downloads and tap on the app icon.

Tap the button to select the app you want to open the installer with.

From the list, select the TrollStore option.

The Cartube information window will appear. Read the information and then tap the Install button.

Launch Youtube via Carplay

Now the Cartube app is installed. You will find the icon on the iOS home screen or under Apps.

To launch Youtube via Carplay, you need to connect your iPhone to your car's head unit and launch the Carplay shell.

It doesn't matter if you connect Carplay via USB cable or WiFi. If your car is compatible with Carplay, you will have no problem running Cartube on the head unit and can watch videos.

We've covered one of the easiest and most affordable ways to watch Youtube via Carplay. Of course, it's not a perfect solution, but many drivers use Cartube to bypass existing restrictions.

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