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How to send a message via Waze


Waze is not only a handy mobile navigator, but also a way to communicate with your friends. In this article we will discuss how to contact your friends, buddies, and wazers directly through the Waze app using the Contacts feature. It's convenient, fast, and private! The feature works on both Android and iOS.

Table of Contents

Step 1: Install & Launch

Waze is most likely installed on your phone. Open the app using the icon on your phone's home screen. It looks like a blue bubble with a smiley face.

Step 2: Friends List

To access your friends list in Waze:

  1. Use the My Waze menu button (slider at the bottom of the screen)
  1. Tap on the profile icon with your name at the top of the screen Use the My friends button to jump to your friends section.

Step 3: Choose a recipient

So, you're in your friends list. Select the person you want to contact. This assumes that the friend is also a member of Waze. If not, you need to send the user an invitation in one of the ways - for example, via Facebook.

Step 4: Notify the user

To notify the user, you need to send them a beep-beep message. This is a special sound that can be sent via the Go now section of Waze.

Step 5: Communicating with the wazer

Now you need to communicate with a friend. To do this use the Call button or by going to Message, using the standard Waze feature.

In fact there may be several options, depending on the version of Waze (make sure you are using the latest version of the app).

You can also call the person using the Waze app. The person's real number will be available to you. Of course, this will work as long as the user has confirmed your request to be added as a friend.

Step 6: Sending a message

In the next step a text field (Add your message) appears in Waze. Enter the text of your message.

Note that your message is confidential and will not be shared with any third party without your knowledge. Usually messages are relayed instantly to the recipient in Waze, but it may take some time for messages to be processed.

Tap the send button to send the message through Waze.

Step 7. Read the messages

You can read the messages you receive via My Waze > Inbox.

An indicator will appear notifying you when there are new messages.

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