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Setting Waze app as Default Navigation on iOS


Waze is a mobile navigation app. It is not installed by default on iOS and you need to download it from the AppStore.

In this guide, you will learn how to make Waze the default navigation app so that the app is always easily accessible through your iPhone.

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What is the default navigation app on iOS?

iOS uses the Apple Maps app for maps and navigation. Sure, it's very convenient and has many fans among iOS users, but the Waze app also has many users who simply can't switch to Apple Maps.

Reasons to set Waze as the default navigation

The thing about iOS is that there is no obvious option to set Waze as the default navigation app. Instead, the iPhone prompts you to use Apple Maps every time you try to start navigation.

However, there is a simple and obvious way to fix this inconvenience by setting Waze as the default app once and for all.

Step 1. Waze should already be on iOS in the list of apps. If it isn't, install the app using the link.

Step 2. In order for Waze to work correctly on iOS and continue to be installed as the default navigation app, you will also need Google app on your iPhone.

Here's the link to download it:

Step 3. After Google app installation sign in to your existing account through the app.

Step 4. Log in to your profile by taping on the avatar at the edge of the screen.

Step 5. Go to the app preferences by tapping on Settings. Select the General section.

Step 6. In the list of apps (Default apps), specify Waze as the default app for using navigation on your iPhone.

Step 7. Restart your iPhone using the Power button.

Step 8. Make sure Waze is used as the default navigation app.

What are the pitfalls

Even if you follow all the steps, Waze will not always be recognized as the default navigation app. The iOS environment will still run Apple Maps if you need to view maps through some other app.

The only way to fix it is to run Waze directly through the main iOS app screen. Whenever you need to use car navigation, just find the Waze icon, tap on it, and then set the desired route.

Any other ways to make Waze the default app?

Unfortunately there are no other ways to do it on iOS.

In the meantime, you can use the Siri voice assistant. The "open Waze" voice command is a partial solution.


In summary, we have demonstrated how to change iOS settings to make the Waze app feel more complete on the iPhone. Despite this, Apple Maps will still launch without the user's knowledge in some cases. However, it will happen much less often.

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