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Does Waze work on Apple Watch? FAQ - 2023. Best alternatives


The Apple Watch supports many navigation apps, including Apple Watch, Sygic, Google Maps, and others. At the same time, there is no less popular app Waze. Its users often ask how to connect the app to the Apple Watch.

Is it possible? Unfortunately, no. But there are ways to solve this issue in another way - by using an alternative app that will work on the Apple Watch. And maybe in time Apple Watch support will come to Waze.

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Why doesn't Waze work on the Apple Watch?

There is no clear answer on the Waze forum as to whether support for Apple Watch features will appear in the near future. At least the Apple Watch Series 5, 6 and 7 do not have support for the Waze app.

The developers of Waze have decided not to add support for gadgets, such as smart watches, to their product. Perhaps this is because the function drivers do not need the Apple Watch and the gadget will only distract them from driving. If you are a pedestrian, the Waze app will be useless.

For drivers, Waze offers many useful features, such as traffic event notification, gasoline price comparison, voice navigation, police traps, etc.

Alternative apps for Apple Watch instead of Waze

In addition to Waze, there are a number of mobile apps with similar functions. They integrate well with any version of the Apple Watch, and allow you to display all the information you need to navigate. Let's see what these apps are.

1. Map My Fitness

One of the best Waze alternatives is Map My Fitness. You can create routes of varying complexity to display it on the Apple Watch screen. The Map My Fitness includes detailed maps which can be exported and saved in a convenient format.


  • Detailed maps with walking routes
  • Low cost
  • Apple Watch integration

Download: Android | iOS

2. Google Maps

Google Maps can be installed on the Apple Watch. You will need WatchOS 5 > and iOS 10 >. To integrate Google Maps with Apple Watch, on your iPhone

  • Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Google Maps
  • Select Only While Using the App.

The Google Maps app quickly and easily determines your location and builds a route you need with or without several stops.


  1. Multiple route options with alternative ways.
  2. Up-to-date information about travel conditions along the route (accidents, blocked roads, traffic jams, cameras and speed limits). All data is displayed on the Apple Watch.
  3. Information about the public transport with all the stops.
  4. Information about nearby places of interest.
  5. New establishments, recommended places to visit, cafes, restaurants and interesting events.
  6. You can create lists of favorite places and plan events you want to visit.
  7. Offline maps, using the app without Internet access.
  8. Detailed street photos.

Download Google Maps: Android | iOS

3. Magic Earth Navigation & Maps

This app synchronizes with the Apple Watch and displays information related to navigation.

Its functions:

  • Find the fastest and best routes
  • Creation of complex routes with the addition of several stops
  • Displaying necessary information through the car's HUD: speed, distance, destination
  • Information about the speed cameras and the current speed of the car

Magic Earth Navigation does not need to be configured, in fact, the app works on the Apple Watch immediately after installation and profile synchronization.

Download: Android

4. Sygic Travel app

Sygic released a special app called Sygic Travel in 2018. It integrates well with the Apple Watch operating system.

Available features:

  • List of attractions near the current location: restaurants, cafes, parks, museums
  • Weather forecasts for day and week
  • List of favorite places you have added to the map yourself

Once installed, the app automatically syncs with Apple Watch Series 4 and above.

Download: Android


We encourage you to try out all of the above apps by installing them and syncing with Apple Watch device. Go to Waze forum to keep up to date with all the changes. You can also vote to support the Apple Watch in the Waze app. Perhaps your vote will be counted.

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