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How to transfer Whatsapp data to another phone


Messengers have become the integral part of the life of a modern man since the majority of communication acts is conducted via them, with their help a user can consume various content, including news articles, videos and etc.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messengers for iOS and Android mobile platforms. A lot of its users often change their mobile devices or phone numbers and are willing to keep their old Whatsapp accounts. This can be done in several ways depending on a case.

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Transferring WhatsApp app and messages to a new device

Since currently there are three most popular operating systems that are very different from each other, the process of data transfer in WhatsApp also varies.


If we're talking about migrating the data from the app within a single platform, it can be done via OneDrive cloud storage or a memory card.

In the first case you have to:

  1. Make sure that the backup you've created in your Windows Live ID account was saved successfully.
  2. Next, you should go through the process of registration of your account on a new device,
  3. Install WhatsApp app,
  4. Confirm your phone number,
  5. Start restoring the backup from OneDrive,
  6. Once all chats are restored, the app will automatically start downloading your media data.

If you store backups on a SD card,

  1. This SD card must be installed in a new phone;
  2. You should download and launch WhatsApp app;
  3. Confirm your phone number;
  4. Perform a recovery from the memory card.

Note: when you move the messenger from Windows platform to any other, you won't be able to save all your correspondence.

Whatsapp data transfer on Android and iOS

These mobile operating systems allow users to change their devices with minimum fuss, since all the information from your account is linked to a specific phone number. Therefore you can simply install the app and verify your phone number. After that, all saved data will be automatically migrated to your new device. Nevertheless, it's still impossible to change a platform preserving the correspondence from WhatsApp app.

Changing the phone number linked to your Whatsapp

If you want to change your phone number and at the same time you want to save all the data from your WhatsApp account, you have to:

  1. On your old device go to "Menu > Settings > Account> Change number".
  2. In the column "old number" you have to specify the phone number that is currently linked to your account.
  3. And in "new number" specify the phone number you will use further.

Then go through the standard procedure of confirming your new phone number. After it you can restore any backup copy as long as it has been previously created on your old device. You can do it as follows: go to "WhatsApp > Menu > Settings > Chat > Backup chat > Backup". We recommend using Google Drive or other service as a cloud storage. Finally, you should be able to restore the backup on your new device.

Please pay attention to the fact that you can delete the old WhatsApp user account after you've changed it. However, if for any reason you can't do it, your profile will be automatically deleted in 45 days after it's deactivation.

Moving Whatsapp messages and chats between platforms

For some Whatsapp users it's essential to keep all of their account information safe after switching operating systems. It's impossible to do it via standard WhatsApp app tools, so you'll have to recourse to third-party software.

One of the easiest and most affordable options is MobileTrans program. It allows you to transfer all the necessary data from one device to another in a few clicks. SImply connect both smartphones to a computer via a USB-cable and migrate your data. The whole process doesn't take a lot of time and the total amount of it depends on the size of the data you want to transfer.

You can also use Google Drive service, where a backup copy will be saved. How to transfer data to a new phone:

  1. On your new device install Whatsapp but do not launch the app.
  2. Connect your phone via a USB cable to a PC.
  3. Via Explorer go to the root-folder and then to WhatsApp / Database.
  4. There you have to copy the backup of Whatsapp.
  5. Run the messenger and confirm your phone number.
  6. The system will automatically detect the backup copy and prompt to restore it.

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