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Three ways to disable Google Assistant on Android


An understandable need to deactivate Google Assistant can occur. In today's manual we're going to talk about the methods of how you can disable the assistant

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Google Assistant is an app based on artificial intelligence. Its main features are the following:

  1. searching for necessary information according to the specified parameters,
  2. engaging in a dialogue with a user and responding to voice requests,
  3. simplifying the process of dialing a phone number and transcribing speech to an SMS,
  4. promptly providing such navigation information as: data on weather, road conditions, etc.

You can enable Google Assistant by pronouncing the phrase "Okay Google" on any modern smartphone running under Android operating system.

Many users notice that Google Assistant can perform completely unneeded functions and sometimes the app is even quite annoying. For example, it can pop up several times after you unlock your phone so that you have to shut it down (which takes time) before you can proceed to performing any actions with your device. It can randomly start running when the phone is carried in a bag or pocket, catch a part of a conversation and take it for a voice request. And, of course, provide an answer at the most inappropriate moment.

Turning off Google Assistant via the Settings

It's as easy to toggle off the voice assistant (and remove it from the phone screen) as any other app. You have to simply click on the icon and drag it to the Recycle Bin. But keep in mind that the utility will still be considered as a system app and it can be activated.

You can completely disable Google Assistant on Android via the system applet “Apps”. In order to do so you should:

  1. Open the "Settings" menu.
  2. Find "Devices" section and then "Apps".
  3. A list of all available apps will appear on the screen and in the upper-right corner you will see a gear icon.
  4. By tapping it you will access the menu with additional settings. Among which you should find "Assistant and voice recognition", and then at the top of the list select  "Assistant" tab.
  5. The opened window will prompt you to select a program for managing your device. In order to turn off Google Assistant, you just have to choose "No".

As a result all voice commands will be disabled and the assistant will stop launching by the voice request "Okay Google".

Disabling the calling of Google Assistant via the "Home" button

A safer method is to remove Google Assistant via the "Home" button. In this case, you will no longer see notifications on the screen stating that you have to enable the app.

In order to do so you should:

  1. Hold the "Home" button on the screen of your device until the assistant launches.
  2. In the upper right corner you will see a blue and white icon in the form of a box with a handle. You should tap it.
  1. In the appeared list choose "Assistant > Assistant devices> Phone".
  1. Switch the gear next to Google Assistant item to "Disable".
  1. Google Assistant will be turned off.

Getting rid of Google Assistant updates 

The virtual assistant is a relatively new software development which wasn't available in the previous versions of Google. Therefore, you can remove Google Assistant by getting rid of all its updates. This method has one drawback: the new features of the app which users are fond of will also become unavailable.

How to get rid of Google Assistant updates:

  1. In the "Settings" tap on the "Apps" item.
  1. Scroll down an "Apps" list and find "Google".
  1. When the app opens, the menu symbol looking like three small dots will appear on the screen.
  2. After opening it, you should find "Uninstall updates" and choose it.
  1. The popped up window will prompt you to confirm the removal and you should choose "OK".

How to get Google Assistant back

Method 1. You can re-activate the assistant via the "Home" button.

  1. Launch it by holding the "Home" button.
  2. In the Settings menu choose the "Phone" tab.
  3. Switch the gear next to Google Assistant to "Enable".

Method 2. There is another way how you can retrieve Google Assistant:

  1. Launch Google app.
  2. Open its menu and select "Settings".
  3. In the "Google Assistant" section turn on the app.

If this feature is unavailable or the assistant was completely removed from the system, you can download it from the official Google Play website and install it again.

Best Google Assistant alternatives

Apart from Google, other assistant apps are also in high demand and they can be easily used instead of the standard Android component. Let's take a look at them.

Yandex Alice

Artificial intelligence Alice by Yandex has a wide range of capabilities and it can perform a variety of actions. The main list is the following:

  • searching for information on the internet;
  • managing apps;
  • responding to questions;
  • providing information on weather, exchange rates, time, road conditions, etc.;
  • making calls to specified numbers;
  • turning on music;
  • playing games and communicating.

Voice assistant Siri by Apple

Siri was originally available only from App Store for iOS, but then Apple bought it and began to install it the company gadgets. Siri capabilities are the following:

  • making calls and sending messages via voice commands;
  • providing information on the weather in any part of the world;
  • playing any music available on your device;
  • managing alarms and timers;
  • connecting to the "Smart home" system, controlling sockets, switches, air conditioning, etc.

Virtual assistant Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa app which is constantly evolving runs on many mobile devices and is updated by the developers very often. Via this app you can:

  • create a to-do list for a day or a week;
  • connect to the "Smart home" system";
  • listen to your favorite music;
  • get access to the entertainment services by other developers;
  • find out the results of a sport event;
  • search for information on the internet;
  • work with different Google services.

Download Amazon Alexa

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